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Halloween DIY

A few years ago, sheesh, actually it was like SIX years ago – anyway – my oldest daughter wanted to go to career day as a veterinarian. We went to the local costume shop and bought her a set of scrubs, fixed her up all animal-like and I sent her off to school. Poor thing, when I picked the girls up that afternoon her costume has ripped and she was embarrassed and sad. The next year when it was “Dress Up as Your Favorite Book Character” she was NOT having a store bought costume, she actually didn’t want to dress up at all. I took the kids thrifting (they LOVE thrifting) and we started picking out clothes we could use for her character. I sewed an apron and a hankie head covering – the whole time telling her if she didn’t feel it would stay put she didn’t have to wear it. At the end of the sewing session she was THRILLED to wear her costume and that felt great, but what felt better was her happy face when I picked her up. Everyone had loved her costume, and it had stayed together. Lou ♥ was beaming! That Halloween she asked me if I could make her costume, it was a Pokemon trainer. Again, it was a hit.

Now, let me say that these costumes did NOT include pattern making or big hitting sewing skills. They were easy, cut and paint, fun costumes and the kids loved them. It kind of became a thing to make/embellish their costumes after that. Mavis, darling! has always been my make-up  and face paint baby, unafraid to let me fancy her up for an occasion!  She’s been a flapper and a spider to name a few, generally with store bought costume elements and a face full of paint! Last year she was a butterfly with a fantastic face paint and store wings. This year Lou ♥ is going as a Tails fox (fox with two tails) and Mavis, darling! will be a mouse. I just drew up their designs and I can’t wait to get into the making!

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Look Who’s Talking, and listen to what they said!!!

I read an article today (I read THIS article today) that said that when parents watch movies or TV shows with graphic sex and violence they start to become desensitized and this of course seeps into their children. Here’s a bit of it:

The study explores what it calls “ratings creep,” whereby movies that might have been rated R a few decades ago are actually less violent than movies that are rated PG-13 today. The phenomenon doesn’t apply as much to sex.

“People who rate movies for the MPAA, who are themselves parents, could be subject to the same desensitization and thus more likely to be lenient when it comes to evaluating the appropriateness of such content for children,” the authors said.

An MPAA spokesperson had no comment on the study.

“We were surprised to see the transfer of desensitization,” said Dan Romer, associate director of the APPC. “If the parents saw movie clips with violence, they became more accepting of the sex scenes, and vice-versa.”

“Children are affected by what they see and hear,” the upcoming article in Pediatrics says. “Research supports the connection between viewing violent media and later aggression in individual children.”

Look, it makes sense and I have a little story to tell you to further the point. Admittedly I am a bit more aware and “controlling” with my kids when it comes to what they watch and hear. I am NO WHERE near the way my mother was when my sister and I were young, but I am a lot more involved than many parents. With the introduction of streaming services old movies are available and it is hard not to want to share those memories of my wife and I’s youth with the kids. One day my wife says to me, “We should watch a movie with the kids. They have Look Who’s Talking.”

I answered in the way I always answer, “We need to screen it first.”

We sit down to pre-watch it and were both blown away with how absolutely inappropriate it was for children, and how absolutely innocent it could be considered compared to what is on TV these days! You know a few years ago I started to see that my girls were getting older and closer to “mini adult” status, it made me think of all the thing that I set aside as “grown up” like bad words or shows. I thought to myself, “What is the age where they can say bad words? When will I be okay with them sitting next to me during a movie like this? The answer – never. It dawned on me that while I was regulating them and keeping them “sheltered” I wasn’t living that same way and I started to change myself, making myself more of the adult I wanted them to be.

I don’t say bad words, for the most part. (If I am going to be honest they probably heard me say them more than I would have liked and no it is very rare a word like that comes across my lips and then it is quickly fixed and apologized for.) I do not drink – at all. I am health with food and exercise. All around I am a work in progress, but that is just it. I want them to see that I am always working on being the best me, so that they understand when I ask them to always work towards being the best them.

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Taking my life back – wk 2 review:

This last week was good, but rough. As I walk this road back to health I have to remember to roll with it, and I feel like this week has really been a test to my willingness to roll with it. lol This was my workout schedule:

  • Monday – 30D ARMS; card workout (indoor due to rain)
  • Tuesday – 30D ARMS; Zumba
  • Wednesday – 30D ARMS; run, Zumba cardio and repeat four times
  • Thursday – 30D ARMS; workout with wife
  • Friday – Rest arms; 14K bike ride
  • Saturday – 30D ARMS; 4.11K run
  • Sunday – 30D ARMS; no official workout (grocery shopping)

I kept my food at or under 1,200 net calories and again managed to avoid sugary sweets and fried/bad food. I weighed in 1.6 pounds less than last week which puts me at an official 3.6 pounds lost for two weeks.

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Taking back my life – wk 1 review:

To say the least last week was a great week. I was blessed with God given drive and energy and motivation. I worked out Monday through Saturday, I was flexible when workouts needed to change. I made sure I got my minimum in and I didn’t let anything get in my way. I also stuck to my 30 Day ARM Challenge despite pulling something in my shoulder! This was my workout schedule:

  • Monday – 30D ARMS; 330m run – 14 cards – 330m run – 10 cards (repeat that rep 4 times) – 330m run
  • Tuesday – 30D ARMS; Zumba
  • Wednesday – 30D ARMS; whole deck workout – 20 minute stretching
  • Thursday – 30D ARMS; Zumba
  • Friday – 30D ARMS; 35 minutes jogging and keeping my HR in zone
  • Saturday – Rest arms; whole deck workout – grocery shopping for 2 hours
  • Sunday – 30D ARMS; no official workout

I kept my food at or under my 1,200 net calorie goal (no starving myself or eating sugary snacks happened!) I only forgot my vitamins on Sunday, which is kind of typical because with my schedule so drastically different on Sunday things usually get a little whack! lol

Finally, I lost two pounds. This is my first real earned and fought for loss in a long time and I feel really happy about it. I feel like any loss is a great thing, but two pounds was so lovely to see. I am looking forward to continuing. I finally fixed a glitch in my YT account that made vlogging from my phone impossible. So, food vlogs are now going to happen! Any longer talking videos will still be on the laptop as long as she is still working, however!

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The painting that I posted on Friday is a painting of what I see/experience when I am in prayer and the Holy Spirit is with me, physically present. When I hear people speak in tongues (NOT all the time, in fact not often) and feel the tongues myself this is what I witness. It is a pillar of colored light – light that has such a presence that it cast a shadow – there are thousands and thousands of colored lights streaming and moving and with them are thousands and thousands of voices in every language. Clear and distinct. Sometimes I hear what is being prayed, sometimes I hear English, usually I only hear the amazing chorus of language and light – but even if I don’t know the words I understand what is being. That may not make much sense. To be honest it doesn’t always make sense to me, but still it is.

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What do you think?

I am posting this painting with comment, without explanation and in hopes to get feedback. Not on skill (which is fine if you want to comment on) but on what you see/think/believe this is… I will explain the painting on Monday! Have a great weekend!!! photo 5If you want to see the explanation it can be found on this post!


Sheesh! (But she looks cute!)

Mavis, darling! had her first of 10 karate lessons yesterday. I am going to reserve comment on the instructor until we have a few more classes, but I will comment on cost. OH. MY. SWEET. KITTENS. If you have a daughter in dance you know how much “confidence, self discipline, and exercise” cost on a monthly basis. lol Add in review fees and book ads and photos and costumes – suddenly your teeny ballerina is a gaping money pit and you can’t even see how cute she looks in that tutu because you are drowning in bills. Karate is that minus the tutu and times three! This man was going over prices and I was thinking, “I think Mavis, darling! will be running with me and doing tai chi in the park.” Seriously, I have no idea how people make these things work. I am blessed beyond that Lou ♥ loves ballet and that we have a phenomenal FREE ballet program available. I hope I can find something like that for Mavis, darling! because with braces and growing tummies, with Christmas and a bearded dragon on the horizon I can swing the minimum payment of 100 bucks a month just for karate. Sorry. I go to free (donation) Zumba and run in the neighborhood. The kids are going to have to understand, and they really do, that having this amazing home school experience comes with certain trade offs and finding our own source of recreation is one of them!

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Look, let’s be real. I enjoy a good challenge, I love the feeling of accomplishment. I also love winning and have a fantastic imagination, so in my head I create this elaborate competition with myself and imaginary people and then I whoop them good! lol It’s the only kind of competition I like, since I always win and I hate losing! (Makes sense!) Anywhodoodle! I love the idea behind these kind of challenges, but I hate that most of them are unrealistic to beginners. They are also set up for the “cross-fitters” – those who seem to live for self punishment. I have tried that whole genre of fitness and I just don’t like it. I am distracted, watching the clock and angry the rest of the day. I have made NO SECRET that the reason I am a runner is because God blessed me with a LOVE of running. The reason I love Zumba is that I adore dance! I enjoy pushing myself, but only when I am enjoying what I am doing… The other thing that I didn’t care for is the increased risk of injury. Let’s get real, running can cause injury – heck, I have hurt myself several times at Zumba, but cross-fit is a whole new world and if you are not paying attention you will be more likely hurt yourself more. No thank you! lol

It’s still going strong and I am still KILLING it! (By that I mean, getting it done! lol) I’ve been playing on instagram with a friend from Youtube, so if you are interested in daily updates on working out – head over there!photo 4

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Hello, me!

stuff (2)Last week I wrote a post about how I kind of lost myself. It’s true. My life has been in a state of wild, wild, WILD evolution. Maybe, I think that lost is the wrong word. Perhaps I want to convey that I don’t recognize who I see when I look at me sometimes. Like, like a butterfly who finally emerges and is just in shock over the fact that now flight is possible. REAL FLIGHT! You take off, but it’s scary and unnatural and unbelievable. That is where I am at. lol It’s awesome, but wickedly unreal!

Let’s take a look-see:

  • 2009 – became sick for the first time with Fibromyalgia and erythema nodosum.
  • 2010 – migraines joined the fun as I started to be able to move and I began my journey to “health” and losing weight.
  • 2011 (spring) – I married my best friend and partner of six years.
  • 2011 (fall) – we became a homeschooling family.
  • 2012 – we found our church.
  • 2013 – I set about giving my life to God in the realest way I could. Truly evaluating all aspects, art and writing and family.
  • 2014 – I began writing again and and painting, in line with my new fully committed life of Jesus.

It’s not over, but it is kind of accumulating to a point where I need to stop. Take all the new info into account and recalibrate. That moment was one I was trying to force for a few months, but wound up happening organically this weekend. As it all lined up it was as if i was suddenly able to merge the me I carved out of myself in 2011 and the me I am now! There have been times when I felt it all line up, ready itself for the next phase. In my life, in my children, in my church, in my art. I felt that this weekend, and I capitalized it with a run at the local duck park! (Thanks to my wife who motivated me gently, but sternly!)

P.S. I am starting this challenge today. Anyone who wants to join, please do!photo

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Reason #1,896,678 that home school rocks so hard I can’t even describe it: How about collecting science samples at the local park? On a beautiful day? With your babies?

Yep! That would work!

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