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The 100 Day Project #makersgonnamake

Just a quick update on the things that have been being made by me!

If you see anything you like email me SupernaturallySagittarius at gmail – or find my instagram page with the same name and sent me a comment or direct message!!!

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Tornado WARNING!

We don’t generally get tornadoes in the swamps, lol. Naturally when they start looking possible people freak. Usually I am the one who freaks out, but today it was my lovely. I had fallen asleep (recently my medication has changed from making me wired and on edge to VERY VERY sleepy) and I woke up to my wife blowing up my phone! She was working hours away and had gotten an alarm about a tornado warning in our area. She was so worked up that the girls and I Facetime’d her while we piled into the bathtub with blankets and pillows. The girls were a bit worried at first, but then they started tickling each other (painful when stuck in a tub together) and laughing hysterically!tornado

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Good Eggs – the last two weeks.

I know, guys, I know… I am so behind and the truth is LIFE IS HAPPENING. I mean, chances are nothing crazy. As I write this (it will publish Thursday and it’s currently Monday at 4:21 AM) I am – sick (you guessed it) and hopped up on meds and unable to sleep. This week we will do a bit of school, we have some end of the year projects to work on. I will create as part of my #the100dayproject and I will post it all up on Friday to at least try to keep up. Here are the deliveries and a few things I cooked. Can you tell that I LOVE breakfast with fresh berries? lol

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Where have I been? (April 6th – 10th)

Sunday the fifth was officially my first day with no treatments and I was okay. I was still wrapping up my antibiotic and I was moving on. I decided to take part in The 100 Day Project – which I found on Instagram and was basically to be creative everyday for 100 days. I took this to mean working towards making things everyday. If it was the ground work or the finished product didn’t matter. I started the week with making an up-cycled journal.

Sadly by the time Wednesday rolled in I was pretty bad off once again and having to use my inhaler regularly (often with no relief.)

Being back on the inhaler meant that my hands were shaky and my sleep was awful. So I dug out a lot of odds and ends and decided to create jewelry from the gems I scored thrifting not too long ago. (I don’t think I told you guys about that because I was starting to get sick at that point in the testing week. I will have to try to find the pictures, it was a great thrift! Anyway – this is the first jewelry I have ever made!

On Thursday I got so sick I thought I may have to go to the E.R. and I was legit scared. Thankfully I was able to make it to Friday and scored an emergency appointment with my amazing doctor. I spent some time there – got a whole new round of treatments and medication to take (which I am currently on hence the up all night finally catching up the blog.)

Once again I found myself at a (ridiculously familiar place.)

The kids skip ALL parades except the Irish-Italian Islenos Parade each year. Last year it was rained out and this year they chose to roll anyway. The parade is literally right up the street so I had to let them go. I felt so bad, but it was worth how happy they were.

Also, this:

The car that has been broken for months and we finally had to put like 900 dollars into, it came back home and broke on the way home from church that first Sunday I got to go again! So my wife worked on it and she did a stellar job!

The car that has been broken for months and we finally had to put like 900 dollars into, it came back home and broke on the way home from church that first Sunday I got to go again! So my wife worked on it and she did a stellar job!


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Where have I been? (March 30th – April 3rd)

After having a really hard week I was set to just get through, of course the kids still had school. I was only as alive as I needed to be most of the time. :( Towards Wednesday I started to feel okay, like better a bit and I was still sticking to the medication schedule – perfectly!!!

Due to being in bed most of the time, but feeling better mentally I started pulling projects into the bedroom. I couldn’t draw, doodle or paint because I was coughing so bad and also (when not coughing) the meds had me all shaky. Instead I got a fantastic jump on Easter and assembled my family’s baskets throughout Thursday. it was a lot of fun and I am TOTES doing this every year! lol

By Friday I was feeling well enough to go to church for dinner and a guest. My body was still weak, but I wasn’t hacking all over everyone and that was great. I had also finally gotten my car back so I was able to DRIVE there. i hadn’t been to church in almost THREE months due to car issues and my wife working so much! It was amazing and lovely to see everyone, just what I needed! (I even went back on Sunday!)

P.S. I would have blogged this all as it happened but my laptop hasn’t woken up in a long, long time! :/

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Where have I been? (March 23rd – 27th)

It’s really quite simple. I have been sick. If you are on any of my other social media you know all about it. I was scheduled to be VERY busy the week of March 16th-20th with school testing and then I was going to cap that week off with a full day of work (two face painting gigs.) It all started as planned and then BANG allergies hit. They started as a tickle and by the end of Saturday the 21st they were a burn and the seasonal cough I get. Okay, no problem. I deal with this cough twice a year usually.

Nope, this time the cough went straight ninja on me and it KICKED MY BOOTY. Asthma. (Hang your head with me, it is sad.)

The Friday after getting diagnosed and knowing for sure that I wouldn’t be contagious I had already committed to watching my mini Gip and thankfully I was still able to do that. She went easy on me. We even got a nap in!

Also, I discover this:

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A new favorite!

Cumin and cinnamon roasted carrots! Seriously – the best thing!photo 3

You start with around a pound of carrots cut into strips roughly the same size to help them cook evenly. Mix one tablespoon of melted coconut oil and a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of cumin with a sprinkle of sea salt and a pinch of pepper. Toss the carrots in the mixture and spread them over a baking sheet lined with parchment. Baked them for 18-20 minutes in an oven that has been preheated to 400 degrees. Let them cook and enjoy the world out of them!

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Vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls.

I was SO STOKED to see the cauliflower in my Good Eggs delivery! I have been waiting to try to make “rice” and I did. It was, interesting, lol I think I chopped it too small and will be trying something a little different next time. This time I mixed the rice with vegetarian crumble and green onion and I dry fried it. I then rolled it into boiled cabbage rolls and covered them in red sauce and baked! YUM! To serve I topped them with my nutritional yeast that I told you guys about! So good!

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Good Eggs – March 11th

Another inspired week! I’ve already made the cauliflower into “rice” and stuffed the outer cabbage rolls. I’m going to be making cumin and cinnamon carrots, sweet potato fries and a many other things!

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Being me, again!

I’ve been lost, seriously! I guess that is what happens when you grow and evolve. You lose yourself, all the trivial bits, in the new and in the change. Once the change settles in and become a part of you those little bits that have drifted sort of settle in and fine their new place. I have found my rhythm and I have found my motivation. My sobriety is in check, and my health is better than it has been in over a year. (I’m still dealing with fibro, but nowhere near what it has been and my sciatica is resolving slowly but surely!) Along with the reawakening I have been clearing things out and it feels great! I’m taking care of myself, painting my nails and caring for my skin! I feel like me!!!

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