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#40BagsIn40Days – Day 1, 2, & 3

This is going to be liberating! I am loving it. There are officially 37 days in 2015’s #40BagsIn40Days because Sunday’s are considered “off” days. I have decided to use those last three days to revisit the first three days I am doing. Day one was my shirt drawer, day two my workout drawer and day is my phone files (photos, apps and junk I don’t need taking up space on my phone.) I did this purposefully so that I could get them done, and then in a month and a few days when laundry has been done completely and when I have lived my phone for a while I can re-clean them and be really done!

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Science fun!

Around here Mardi Gras is a full week off of school, however our homeschooling is back in swing Wednesday after! Of course, I kept it light and fun and the girls LOVED building the robots and playing with the tornado. They actually asked for more things to make!

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Good Eggs delivery Feb. 18th

This weeks delivery was such a happy surprise! I mean, the bundle has been great each week, but this week? This week it was a rainbow-ed delight! As I am newly dedicated to my sobriety (from food addiction) and to my pescetarian diet (though I am thinking of taking that a step further) this bundle could not have been more perfectly timed! I processed the greens and prepped and cooked and took care of all the lovely foods, it was a joy!

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Ready, set, DECRAPIFY!!!

Hello kittens. I know, it’s been a pretty minute. All the things, and I do mean ALL the things, that come against me came together and to be honest I am still dealing with them. However, for the moment I have my head on and I am looking at life saying to myself, “My life is good. I have to learn to live it well and be as happy as I should be.” This means doing everything I can to be healthy mentally and physically. Really, I believe a lot of it will come down to re-finding sobriety and getting a grip on myself. I am a food addict who was in recovery and doing great for three years, but somewhere that got away from me. It may be true that I will always have some level of anxiety and some level of body pain, but let us be honest I am doing myself no favors at the moment.

So, I am changing gears. I am taking a long hard look at what and how and when and who – I am changing me again. Evolution is key to life, my darlings. When you stop evolving you start dying and I was letting myself die! For Lent I am giving up CRAP – all forms. I am making an offering of time and things – cleaning and clearing and releasing myself!

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Heading to Home Depot!

Gonna get my garden on! I’m planning a few tweeks here and there, some stylish changes and some fun, just-because changes!

I found this on the Book of Faces:

This worked well for me for many years – it’s a simple, weed-free way to grow lettuce, spinach and even radishes. Take a 2 cubic feet bag of potting soil (I used Miracle Grow), rumple it around quite a bit to loose the soil, poke quite a few holes in the back side for drainage, then lay the bag on a smooth surface that will allow drainage and not get too hot, and cut out the top, leaving about a 4 or 5 inch border all around. Lightly rake through the soil to even it out and loosen it even more, then carefully, and evenly sprinkle the seeds around. I put my salad green seeds in an old spice bottle with large shaker holes, added some cornmeal, shook it all up to mix well and sprinkled them out of it. I put the cornmeal in there to allow me to see that I had covered the soil evenly. If doing radish seeds or spinach, just make lines the depth mentioned on the seed pack, plant the seeds and cover appropriately. For salad greens I sprinkled a lite covering of soil over the cornmeal and seeds and then spray-misted to water them in. I put my bags on metal sawhorses and grates to make them waist level. This kept the bags off the hot concrete and I didn’t have to bend over when cutting my salad. When harvesting, just use a pair of scissors and cut what you need – don’t pull the plants out. Same goes for spinach – they will grow back almost magically overnight, and you can’t tell where you cut. Spray mist the seeds and plantlings at first when watering, until they are established, then you can water more vigorously as the plants mature. You will probably need to water more often, since the depth of the bags are not as deep as a regular in-ground garden. I just kept mine moist, but not sopping wet.
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New to napping?

Yes, well, kind of. I mean, I used to nap at my old job. It was this perfect little window of 15ish minutes at 2:30 every afternoon and I loved it. I have recently decided that for my health I am adding that back into my day. It’s been two days and I think it’s really helping. I am still working out the what times and the how longs – but I am liking this!!!

I have also been really enjoying my green tea, but watch out because green tea has caffeine and it can negate any sleep that you may be seeking! I off set that with an awesome decaf green/white tea blend.

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2015: Here we go! February official challenge!

SO excited! This new healthy challenge is another simple one that I know, but I still need to work on! Sometimes I am on, others I miss the mark! If you don’t feel like this is a challenge then by all mean, make it harder! Some ides: five different colored veggies a day, five new veggies a week, five RAW or FRESH only!Food Tracker for fruit and veggies

This is what the rest of my month has going on:

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Pur water is good water.

I’ve been really trying to think about what and how we consume things. My parish doesn’t have a recycle program and I was unable to find anything in our area that we could afford. I hit the road, or Facebook! lol I found out that a local elementary school recycles paper and they were willing to let us bring in our paper. My church recycles plastic and we asked the lovely lady who takes care of that if we could bring in our plastic. Done!

Still I wanted to have access to clean water that wasn’t bottled and I found the Pur at Home Depot. So far, I am good. It installed easy and fast, the water doesn’t taste or smell like chlorine. I am using my quart jar and I am happy! I have to drink two a day to meet my water goal and there is no guilt! Also, while we are recycling I don’t have bags of bottles waiting to hitch a ride to church on Sunday.

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You might have noticed.

I have not been posting as much as I like, I am working on a big post from my last Sunday notes AND my house is in a rapid change state! lol IMG_7852My wife and I discovered that we had a leak about a month ago. While the discovery was new the leak was not and I was devastated imagining the cost of repair. My dad came over a week ago and spent some time with her looking into holes cut into closet walls and flushing toilets and running baths… They found the guilty toilet and traced the leaks. God is SO SO GOOD! We have spent about fourteen dollars and our leak should be a thing of the future! Now, while the cost of the leak is next to nothing the time/labor cost is a twee steep. Luckily my amazing wife has become really adept at getting into the muck and figuring it out.

Now, to offer a huge THANK GOD also for the fact that we have two bathrooms. More than a family NEEDS, but such a blessing!

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Doodle the Bible

Girl, I have been spending time with my God and His word in a fun and different way. I am doodling! Doodling the Bible and select scripture. It’s nice and zen and give the message time to really settle.

I will continue to share them here and on Facebook and instagram, but to have a place where they exist on their ownI started a tumblr. It just easy to up load and be like, “Now you sit right there!”

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