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Doodle the Bible

Girl, I have been spending time with my God and His word in a fun and different way. I am doodling! Doodling the Bible and select scripture. It’s nice and zen and give the message time to really settle.

I will continue to share them here and on Facebook and instagram, but to have a place where they exist on their ownI started a tumblr. It just easy to up load and be like, “Now you sit right there!”

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Down the rabbit hole!

Guys you may have noticed a theme emerging lately. Natural, hippie, crunchy… I don’t know. I know I’m not giving up Walmart or hair dye, I know I’m not weaving my own cloth or going vegan. Thing is, I just want to make things better. Find a balance. I am working through what will work and what wont for our family. To aid in that I started a new blog. I am NOT blogging there instead of here, I am blogging there and here.

Hold The Granola - just a halfway hippie figuring things out!

Hold The Granola – just a halfway hippie figuring things out!

Here is more for the this is life, this is what happened, these are my thoughts. God, homeschool, wife, mother, artist, cook, lover – person. Me being me and blogging while I do. Hold The Granola is more about the process, the detail, the gross or the TMI of it all. A good example and what will be taking up a lot of time over there right now will be reducing our waste – I will of course talk about that here as it changes and comes along, but over there the raw details will be. You know, lady waste and bathroom waste and all that. Here you will get the glossed over, there you will get the spilled and messy. I admit now that it will be trial and error, try and fail. I know and I look forward to it. I’m excited, even though I feel a little crazy.

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Today’s Gourmet: Fingerling pancakes!

If I am honest here I tell you that I just have not been good. Pain levels are up, anxiety is up, fatigue is blanketing my life. I feel exhausted the moment the day starts. Stress is a factor and so is the fact that this is my moon time. (Think about it.) Add that to the fact that the last week’s delivery left me feeling overwhelmed (there was so much because we were still trying to compare farm boxes) and icked out (because one of the bundles of greens was completely infested with grubs) and you got a girl who just wasn’t in the mood to cook! Now, I do want to say in my unnecessary defense that even when I am so over cooking and moving and everything I still cook at least five meals a day – three for the girls and breakfast and dinner for my wife! That can make me even less creative or likely to do it for myself!

Yesterday I woke up feeling awful again, after feeling slightly better the day before I thought, “No! You get up and you stick to your plan!” So I rolled around the kitchen and I decided to cook! Once I got over the ‘I just want to sleep’s I was glad to be doing it. I even took out my camera and decided to make it a blog post! I am sure there are a thousand ways to make potato pancakes, I skipped looking any up and went my own way.

Fingerling pancakes with arugula/red pepper scrambled egg whites.

Fingerling pancakes with arugula/red pepper scrambled egg whites.

If you want to play along you will need five ounces of potatoes (fingerling for today’s exact dish but I will totes be playing with a sweet recipe and sweet potatoes,) one thin green onion, one large egg white, salt and pepper. Of course all of this is “to taste” so really you can add or skip anything you want!

Look, because we are so close on that level I will share this as well:

The aftermath of my cooking! This - this - is why I just can't sometimes, because then I have to clean it as well! lol Having a straightened kitchen helps make the clean up easier and that is where I am now. I leave it, enjoy my meal warm and the promptly sort it all away!

The aftermath of my cooking! This – this – is why I just can’t sometimes, because then I have to clean it as well! lol Having a straightened kitchen helps make the clean up easier and that is where I am now. I leave it, enjoy my meal warm and then promptly sort it all away!

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Good Eggs Weekly Delivery:

This was a bang up week for the Produce Box delivery! Awesome! I also added on a few items:

I have so many ideas! Fresh pizzas, fish dishes, it’s going to be a great week in food. I will be sure to take pictures!

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Happy hanging!

lol Okay, so I am in LOVE with coffee mugs and to be honest I have too many. Space is at a mad premium in my house, we have outgrown this little space. I am editing my life, but it’s a process and – you know! Anyway, the other day I was like, “Can you mount me a chain so that I could hang my mugs?” My wife said she could and I was super stoked, but then Saturday it happened. Just like that, y’all! I think “invented” a fantastic drying line for my reusable green bags. I put it up when I want to dry them at night and I take it down when not in use! Awesome!hanging

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Sunday Notes: Teach Us To Pray

Scripture: Luke 11:1-4

11 One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”

He said to them, “When you pray, say:

“‘Father,[a] hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.[b] Give us each day our daily bread. Forgive us our sins,     for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.[c] And lead us not into temptation.[d]’”

Luke 5:15-16 (Luke 5:16 is probably my second most favorite scripture, maybe even my favorite now in life!)

15 Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. 16 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Is it not EVERYTHING!?! It is! I love it so much and I think of it often.

Food for thought:

Prayer is always a battle between two kingdoms. When you say “I pray for you,” you are saying, “I go to war for you.”

My thoughts:

When I am in a painting space, whether my family is home or not, I put on music and I go to that place. Since I have given that to God and I waited on God in that aspect I feel like it flows from God now. Sometimes it is a direct message, a feeling, or just a painting that I know God sent – but it is my prayer language, my expression of and conversation with Him (all the work He has done, is doing and will do.) Art is my quiet lonely prayer place, my sanctuary in the din of life – that is true, but my life is a prayer. I am constantly, in my worst moments and in my best moments, connected. In that way I am able to “put a pin in it” and keep it in prayer, whatever it may be. The moment it is time, time to pray it once and for all, time to put it in God’s hands and KNOW that I am taking my hands off, when that moment hits I pray – draw, paint, write, sing, type, cry out – however I am moved to pray and then I let it go. If my mind is tempted to pick it up again I do so only in thanks that it is already done.

It’s a stark contrast from how I used to relate to God and my prayer life. I used to bookend my prayers with, like, a “let’s do this” blanking of the mind. I was scared to death He would see my uncontrollable thoughts and I tried futilely to hide myself, my innermost self, from my Father. I prayed in fear and longing and from a place of certain disappointment – who was I to even come to Him, to bother Him, to assume He would listen to me. What if in that one off moment I caught His attention and I used the wrong words, I was too informal or – worse – I was distracted as I tended to be.

Who was I? Who am I? WHO AM I? I will tell you who I am and I will use the words of Jesus Christ, my savior, to do it. Luke 11:2 “He said to them, “When you pray, say: “‘Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.” I am His child, His daughter, His creation, His joy and His love! When Jesus spoke to them, He speaks to us – we have that relationship, that right to call on our life giver, our God.

Now, I pray from a place of yes. Yes – it is done. Yes – He does have this. Yes – I am covered by the blood. I pray from a place of your prayer may not look like mine. My prayer may not sound like yours. This is my spirit and God’s language with me, this is my way and my exchange. Maybe your prayer sounds and looks like your neighbors, but it doesn’t HAVE to.

Just on a side note: over a year ago I began to service my church’s prayer email and I had to write out prayers. this task made me highly uncomfortable at first. I felt, though I had come to grasp my intimate relationship with God and our prayer time had evolved organically and was comfortable, again like I might fail. I spent a lot of time in prayer over that and one day I found myself having to write for a friend. I sat down, spoke to God from my heart about not feeling like I was good enough for the task and I was open. He answered with that first prayer. Every time I was called on to pray in that medium I got more comfortable with the forum and will letting God walk me through it. A time came when I was in the hospital and my friends family was there. When they realized that I was the girl who was sending the prayer emails they asked that I pray with them. I wish I could say that I just did, that it was easy. In reality I declined and agreed to pray silently. After I prayer they asked me again to pray, they even said “out loud” and their eyes begged. So, I did. It was uncomfortable at first but God moved in that moment. I realized that working the email was not just a service to my church, but it was growing me. (Life is so that way, you get what you need when you help others.) Since then I have certain formula the “organized” prayers seem to naturally follow and I will share it here:

  • I call out to Him, by whichever name seems, feels or is said to be suitable.
  • I give thanks and acknowledge His greatness.
  • The meat of the prayer, the details if I have them. Not because He needs them, but for me to pour them out of my heart, off of my mind – all out for Him.
  • I give thanks for the fact that this and all things were handled before I even prayer and that we are already provided for.
  • A closing.
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Don’t toss those!

One of my most favorite things to do with all these fancy fresh root veggies that have been coming into the house is to serve them (roasted, mashed, sautéed) with their greens. Yes! You can eat carrot greens, beet greens – greens! They pair lovely and it’s a fun and tasty way to cut down on waste! Just in case you were wondering, here is how you prep and store fresh carrots:

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Keep your chocolate, give me PIZZA!!!

It’s January, and as cliche as it is I am desperately trying to grab that “new year – new chance at it” essence from the air and to harness it into momentum. (Which basically means that I have been wanting to binge because my goals are to be healthy… le sigh.) I know that this is the beginning and that withdrawal sucks. I am actually getting through it okay thanks to our new discovery, Good Eggs, and the ability to recreate my favorite meals into yummy, healthier alternatives (and some COMPLETELY new ideas!)

I swear to you that I would trade any food for pizza. PIZZA my whole life!

I swear to you that I would trade any food for pizza. PIZZA my whole life!

Today I wanted pizza so bad and so I whipped up my favorite kind – ARUGULA GREEN ONION PIZZA is my happy place. It’s easy, too! I used a wheat pita bread, 1/4 a cup of zesty red sauce, two cups of arugula ripped, one green onion sliced into small rings, 28 grams of mozzarella cheese and a final topping of fresh dill. Baked at 425F for eleven minutes! It was beyond amazing. (I might even make another for dinner!)

If this doesn’t make you DIE then you can totally make your own – just keep the cheese either minimal or cut it completely (I love no cheese pizza BUT when using fresh greens I use the cheese to keep it in place and kind of bind everything) and LOAD that thing with thin or thinly sliced veggies and greens!


Good Eggs – NOLA

The other day I stumbled across a friend’s Facebook status about her produce delivery from Good Eggs and I was interested to say the least! I seriously have been complaining to my wife about the lack of fresh produce, the lack of a market for so long! Now that I don’t have reliable transportation it’s even harder to deal with, so finding a grocery option that delivers FRESH and local produce was such a blessing! As well as offering a variety of baked goods, freshly made food and groceries they offer several different weekly boxes. I ordered one from both of the farms I was interested in so that I could make an informed decision!

I swear that cooking is art to me, and the same thing that happens when I get new paints or pens happened in my kitchen! I was so inspired and excited to touch and taste and play with these ingredients! Also, it’s kind of like a week-long friendly Chopped basket because you don’t know what you are getting. I literally Google’d everything as we unpacked and I looked at things like – can I boil? can I roast? can I saute? What I learned it that I can kind of do whatever I want!

This weeks deliveries were great, again. This is also the last week I feel like I need to order from each. I have decided that on the regular basis I would rather order the box form Hollygrove Market & Farm.

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For you, my love!

My poor wife came home from our family trip with lungs that were irritated from the camp fire and slowly turned into a cold. To help her out we have pulled out the essential oils and I whipped up an inhaler and some “better breathing” bath salts!

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