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Manolo Maria Luna

manolo (7)We got ourselves a new vehicle last weekend. It was MUCH needed and I am excited, while nervous about having a note. There is a lot going on with my art and face painting so hopefully that will boom now that I can get where I need to go I can book jobs!

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Jamie (5)I knew your light was flickering, but I truly thought you would recover. I never imagined it any other way. I can’t believe you are gone. I am shocked.

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Life lately!

You guys I swear when I make plans it is as if NOTHING can line up. Then, when I just toss in the towel, it comes banging back together! lol Such is life lately:

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Thrifting to make my heart sing!

Few things are as sweet as a seriously killer thrifting find! Few. As I have gotten older I have found it harder to find that spectacular item at a great price at the commercial thrift stores. Goodwill now has the “Goodwill Boutique” which means that any high quality, high value, still tagged, amaze-ball items get pulled and priced WAY high and hung in the front of the store. I know that Red, White & Blue and Bridge House do the same. This kind of sucks. It sucks because for people who shop at Goodwill twenty dollars is a lot, even if the jeans are brand new and would ordinarily cost ninety dollars. For twenty dollars I can buy one of my daughters a whole new seasonal wardrobe. Basically it sets those things aside for the hipsters and the thrifters who are thrifting for the sake of the find – not need. I thrift for both reasons, and it still bothers me. A great find isn’t really a “find” if someone else found it, tagged it and hung it in the open. Just saying.

Still, every once in a while it works out. Usually because what I think is a GREAT find is overlooked by the people who pull for the boutique items.

How perfectly perfect? They were 5.99!!!

How perfectly perfect? They were 5.99!!!

Last time I thrifted with Evan I found some amazing shoes for her, she found mine this time! Karma!

Of course these shoes were everything, but I had so much fun because Ev found a wedding dress and we got to play for a while. My children were so not amused! lol

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Letting go. Moving on. Becoming who I am.

Seriously, let’s just call it what it is instead of chasing a dream over the rest of this month. It’s the 8th and I have already failed at Blogtember in an epic way! Instead of holding on I am letting go. Letting it go and making an announcement:

Over the last week my wife and I have made some big decisions. We spoke with a broker and a loan officer to get the information we needed to come up with a plan, and we came up with a plan. Not a dream, not a “in a few months let’s revisit” timeline, a real plan. We decided to consolidate debt and purchase a new (used) vehicle for me and the kids. (That happens soon, I have to tell you that I am still so nervous about it!) We have decided to put together an action plan to get our house sold and to move. WE ARE MOVING.

We are leaving the bayou and river that has always been my home. We are leaving the skyline of New Orleans that has always cast a sleepy shadow over my life. We are going to the country. To land and animals and farm-ish life. I am excited, but I am sad. It is time, but it still stings a bit like a loss.

The good news is that with these decisions made I feel some relief, we have a plan and a road map if you will. My eating is better already, my nails are growing (as in I am not destroying them with nervous chewing) and my workouts are on track. I think the release of fear and finalizing a direction has had an awesome affect.

I am ready to look and to take you guys on this journey. I am praying for an art room in the new place, a space to create and be and set up just for our art things! It may be a pipe dream, but it is helping me get uber excited! I also can’t wait to add our first farm animal which will be a small cow I hope to name Alice!!!

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My perfect day(s.)

Today is a twofer, who is lucky? You are! Two for one blogging all day today – or, you know, for the rest of the night since I am straight blogging this at 8:54 pm.

Yesterday’s blog topic: Wednesday, Sept. 2: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

This is a hard one. Mainly because I have like – at any given time – between 6 and 50 mees living in my head. So it really depends which Sonya you ask.

  • My perfect day spent with my sister would be a thrift shop run, and then pizza and ice cream at home while we paint our nails and watch trashy TV.
  • My perfect day with my wife is spent staying in bed, eating sushi and snuggling with the windows open and November air blowing through.
  • My perfect day with the family is spent painting and cooking while they paint and hang out.
  • My perfect loner day is a run and then coffee in a dinner while I write or paint tiny watercolors.


Today’s topic: Thursday, Sept. 3: Create a collage or inspiration/mood board that describes your blog.

I am working on this one still! I think it kind of feels like the time to send you to my Pinterest. Thing is I made like half my boards secret, because I am a shady chick sometimes! lol

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Happy birthday, Lou ♥!!!

6/20/80 12:14:11 PMToday is a big day in our house. The beginning of a whole new world. It’s strangely uneventful, normal and slow. Hard to imagine that EVERYTHING has changed, and yet it has. We are now the mothers of a teenager. 13. It’s funny when you look at them through the years and you think, “I miss my babies!” or, “They are so grown up!” Only to look back again six months later and realize how young and small they still were. Somehow 13 seems final. I know she is still our baby, still our child with so much growing and learning to be done. I know that, but she is a teenager now! I am so proud of the little woman she is. She is so full of ideas and creativity. She has convictions and beliefs and – let me assure you – she is entirely her own person! lol She is the tiny human who first made me a mother and I could not be more grateful. Happy birthday, Lou ♥, you are an amazing person and I thank God for you daily!


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Blog/Vlog-tember, maybe.

So, across the interweb there are always little daily challenge type deals. If you are into health you can find squat challenges, arm challenges, body challenges. If you are an InstaFreak (like me) you can find instaChallenges. Whatever your deal there is a community of people challenging you to be the best whatever you are being… This September there is a community of bloggers do the Blogtember thing, so what happens is that there is a list of topics and a bunch of linking up. I am not a linker, I don’t know how and I don’t understand how to follow from on to the next. I am a blogger/vlogger though, so I am going to be vlogging/blogging all month. I figure, what the heck? It is nice to have a topic to spring board from!

Today is : Tuesday, Sept. 1: Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, vlog, collage, your choice :)

I think the best way to introduce myself (to the world here, who knows me already) is to dump all the fun little bits I have screen captured or stolen from the book of faces. Here you go, this is me:

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Water Lines

I want to say that I am happy now. I can not say that I am who I was. I feel like my life now is not a continuation of that life, it is new. Something dies in you when you lose everything – and I am not talking about material things. I am talking about life as you know it ending. I am not saying that I can not see the good that has come. If the remains of a burned house, left for a decade, became over run with wild flowers – we could appreciate the beauty and still mourn the family who lived there and their loss. We could see the change and still acknowledge that something tragic happened.

Everything and nothing.

That is what I feel:

the whole of loss,

the entirety of emptiness,

the total of nil.

My heart is at it’s capacity –

of vacancy.

It is a feeling I have struggled with,

for ten years.

For ten years.

A decade.

A decade

lived on pause.

The then and the now,

both frozen.

Both immovable,

caught in a time and place

that doesn’t exist,

but will exist forever.



Like a splinter,

wedged in between.

An eyesore,


the great divide.

The sun came up,

I had not slept.

The sun came up,

I was not ready.

The sun came up,

like the day before.

The sun came up,

like we didn’t matter,

like it didn’t happen,

like my father wasn’t lost in the city still,

like my memories were not drowning.

The sun came up,

as if life was going on.

Life went on.

I have watched myself –


I have watched myself –


I have watched myself –


I have not seen her cry,

not about Katrina.

I have not seen her.

Not since Katrina.

They put up signs,

for the water lines –

and I feel like I can’t breathe.

They put up signs,

for the water lines –

and I feel like I haven’t taken a breath.

Not a single breath.

Ten years ago.

A decade ago.

My memories,

my proof of existence.


All submerged,

left to rot in the toxic water.


Excavating the bones

of another life.

Fishing the brittle remains

from the gray,

from the dried ending.

Deep below the water lines.

Ten years ago.

A decade,

and I am still wet.

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But, did I miss my miracle?

Can we talk miracles and not talk God? I don’t know. I know that my understanding of a miracle is linked to God, but also that my understanding of God isn’t easily written into a neat little blog package. So, let’s take it to the intra webs to see what a MIRACLE actually is:

A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being (God or gods), a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader.

Thank you very much Wikipedia, my go to source for easy and fast look ups, though not guaranteed to be correct I am going to accept this and go with it!

Back in the times long before the internet and cars and CDs and all of the other things that we love and don’t even realize were once nonexistent people thought that droughts/fires/floods/ect. were directly caused by God/gods and that sacrifice would appease the angry toddler like beings. Conversely people believed that rainbows and other natural (yet unexplained) events were miracles, and well they might be if you happen to marry science to miracles as I do. Seriously, when I think of the intricacy of nature, of the awesomeness that comes together to make this world what it is – I see many a miracle, and proof of God. I don’t know that God cares if you call Him God, or Allah, or if you think of Him as one or as three or as many. I don’t care, but I (unlike so many of today’s leaders and christains,) do not speak for God. I also would never use my understanding of God to enforce my beliefs on someone, or their body or their life. That’s just me.

Anywho, I was lost in the nothingness of Facebook space (you know what I am talking about, when you go from one friend’s photos into the lives of acquaintances, then practical strangers and then actual strangers…) and I happened to stumble upon this:


I get it. I understand the point that it is making, but still I found it so sad. I found it sad that this person, who I do know in some capacity, felt connected to this. I found it sad that so many had liked it or commented with things like, “You know it!” I felt sad that THAT is what they think of God. The simple idea that we as humans could BLOCK a MIRACLE from happening with our timing, attitude, flaws, imperfections, actions or emotions undermines the very nature of God and miracles. They are not merit rewards for good behavior, you do not earn them. The absence of miracles (generally, in my experience means we are looking in the wrong direction) is not a punishment. Miracles exist around you, even in devastation, even when we can not appreciate them, and yes – even when we do not deserve them.  Heck, we ourselves are miracles, constantly shifting from kinetic to potential and back again – blessing others and this world when we choose to be and share the light.

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