Creativity ~, DIY, Fashion

Out of ashes…

or should I say WallyWorld clearance bins, comes a hopefully not too tragic DIY sewing project fashion. Maybe fashion is too strong a word. It’s really just a pair of slightly ill fitting RIDERS by Lee khaki pants I am attempting to hybrid with an old pair of forest green Spoon corduroys. I’m employing the age old way of making bell bottom pants, only not one to follow I am taking it a step further by making the inserts go all the way up the pants so I wind up with ultra wide legs…

Okay, typing out the plan makes me kind of sound like some evil scientist with a bad eye for clothes. I still really think I could pull it off.

So far I have ripped the seams (and a bit of pant leg I didn’t want ripped) and have them all ready. Tomorrow I am measuring, cutting and pinning the inserts and (if all goes smooth) I am going to sew them! OMG, I haven’t used my sewing machine in so long I can’t remember her name! SHUT UP!!!


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