, TV rots your brain.


Stunned, tearful and heart broken. LOST just ended, not for all you folk that watched while it was on the air, but for me who Netflix-ed my way through six seasons over the pass year. I had no idea it was ending, I thought we has like three more shows and then I realized this was the two hour end and I just cried. I dare to say it is my favorite show – ever. When it is no longer available on Netflix I will own it. That good, just settle in, it takes a while but it is great and mind blowing with details. One of those shows where seasons later sh*t just clicks into place. Also, it’s a SciFi so don’t get too bent on reality! (My wife made that mistake and gave up on it on episode 2 of season 1, then by season 3 she was invested because of being around while I was watching. She got to enjoy it, but no where near as I did because I had all the “memories” from the earlier seasons.)


My heart is full, yet so sad. I miss the characters, even the ones I hated. My love – as in my all time favorite – is James and Juliet. When they remembered each other I almost fell of the couch! Oh, and when my beautiful Sayid found Shannon I was just so pleased! I like the open ended happiness, I like being able to imagine they are all loving each other eternally in heaven. I like that I live in a world where Ben can be happy as number two and Boone didn’t die. (Or did, but now he lives happily with Hugo.)

I have no idea how to cope with the fact that they are all gone. That is crazy talk, but I feel that way. I feel so sad, such a real loss. I want to be glad they are all together and happy. Only there is a real, WHAT ABOUT ME?! feeling in my chest. Let’s just go through some of these fresh thoughts: I’m glad that Vincent was with Jack on the island when he died. I’m glad that Ben had a chance to feel needed and special and be a good person. I am happy that Sayid felt loved, but hate that he has to struggle with being a good person. Jin and Sun, awesome. My heart broke when Juliette died on the island, it broke again as they remembered each other and we got to understand what, “We can go dutch.” meant. I kind of hate that Kate ended up with Jack, she is a slut and I feel like she was constantly too fickle to love him when it counted. My dear Charlie, I am glad you found Claire, she is a hoebag but you always loved her so good for you!


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