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Netflix me.

on September 30, 2012

I am just so lost without my LOST. For realz. Actually that is not entirely true, I mean once LOST became a couple program and I could only watch it when me and the wife were together I had to find alternatives and I did. I was hardcore into Grey’s Anatomy for a long time, only that was on TV not Netflix and eventually the shows started over. I have a list now, so I can think it over:

  • Desperate Housewives (watched on Lifetime and loved it until they stopped airing it to run that swapping moms program)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (watched on Lifetime until they started repeating)
  • Wilfred
  • Weeds (I haven’t seen season 7 and it just got added to Netfix)
  • Vampire Diaries (I saw a few on TV and really liked it, but couldn’t keep up because of having a life)
  • Supernatural (couple show, that is okay but scares me)
  • Gossip Girl (never seen it and I dislike Blake Lively, but if Ryan Reynolds can marry her and Martha Stewart, my Martha,  can plan the wedding then I can watch Gossip Girl and give her a chance)
  • The Colony (I watched and rather enjoyed season 1, season 2 I am three shows in and it’s bothering me – this might be a no go)

It isn’t the biggest deal, not yet. I don’t really have time to watch TV, but once Marta is fixed I am going to need a workout show!


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