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…er, uh, I know it will come to me.

on October 1, 2012

For the life of me, for the bloody life of me, I can not remember her name. I sit with her in front of me. Knowing that without her my pants will never get done and yet how can I touch her while I can’t remember her name? It’s not even like I can rename her, it’s like I am blocked. That’s Marta’s fault, she is in the middle of the family room staring at me like, “Why are you sewing when I am still broken?”

Because, Marta, your wheel has not shipped yet! Stop staring!!!

I believe I shall call her Sarah. On some level I think I may have called her Brittney as I went through a stage where I names nearly everything Brittney. My DS, my camera and I think my sewing machine. Oh well, she is Sarah now…

I’m sure that Sarah is just as happy as I am that I decided to change the khakis I am using. The original were size 10 relaxed fit, too big. I just figured that they were on sale so oh well. Yesterday I went back and found out that they had another bin! Yay! I now have a pair of size 8 slim fit flare Levi’s khakis. They fit is much better so the flare will be more pronounced. I’m even more excited!

On a related, but not in an obvious way at first, note I went through quite a bit of junk on my way to getting on with my pants project. The wife decided to clear out a bunch and rearrange the bed room. It’s not that this isn’t to my liking, in fact most of the changes are ones I mentioned. Thing is I mention and then promptly forget, so when she decides she has the time to implement I am thrown for a loop.

Anygetonwiththestoryway, my wife started producing odds and ends, started unpacking and discovering things I had long forgotten. My mother in law, who passed long before I met my wife, had many crafty interest. (Funny, they say that a girl grows up and marries her father, my wife married a version of her mother!) So I had received a bunch of her mother’s old sewing things! Including that fab sewing box, like the original caboodle! Love! It became obvious that to move forward I was going to have to dig through a bit. It’s okay because I really cleared things away. I found that I already had a seam ripper, needle threaders, amazing fabric shears… basically everything I had just scooped up while out with the kids! Yay! Also with the sewing machine on the table I became a beacon for the tattered pants, busted stuffies and numerous other mending that has been begging me to pay attention, and the projects…

Onto the pants! I gathered all my goods (maybe this is where I should mention that I have no actual idea how to sew. I bump my way around it like a 14 year old boy trying to get to first base for the first time. I am awkward and uncomfortable and if something goes wrong it takes me a looong time to get the courage to try again.) I ripped the seams of the pants paying such close attention and doodling little diagrams, if you take it apart with care you can usually put it back together. I went on-line and noted a few tutorials, only often they had a bit of a shabby out turn and all I could think was, “How will I manage when I don’t know how to sew when these chicks do and theirs look so, so, handmade?” So I studied and pined and re-pined the pants, I sat down and I ran a seam only to rip it out. a minor miscalculation caused them to not come up as high as I wanted, but the end product is fierce. Truly I was over impressed! I showed them to the wife and she almost flipped, because they really came off well!

Oh! I just realized I don’t have a picture of the pants, hold on – brb!


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