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OLVW – Day 2 Give your beans a bath.

on October 1, 2012

I did this whole thing to encourage me to think about my food. To look at the food itself and not just the calorie content. I did it because I needed to shake things up and because two weeks in a row I had to put once fresh veggies in the bin due to me not eating them. That’s no good. I figured I would learn a bit, and I have but I have discovered a world of untapped recipes and ideas. I can’t wait to make carrot butter! (I pined it, in case you want to know.) Today, though I learned about beans.

BIGGEST lesson, bathe yo’ beans! Seriously, I put them in the water to soak them and by two hours in they were in mucky gray water! I rinsed and refilled it several times and I OVER soaked my beans. Soaking them re-hydrates them and that is the only way you will be able to get the full benefit of the bean. I like soft, creamy beans. I achieved this by over soaking and over cooking.

I didn’t sleep last night, like not at all, so I started cooking my beans early this morning when I had my first cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee. OMG, I die a bit that sh*t is so amazing. It is like drinking October!!! I also had my evening snack in the morning and in the late evening when I was needing to munch, because tired equals a reason to use, I reached for the Arctic Zero.

Happy note, Marta’s wheel went into the post today and it has a tracking so I can cyber stalk it all the way to my door! Today I finished the day at 1,196. That’s only four calories away from “healthy” it’s getting easier and harder to deal with that “high” number. I am mental! lol The foods are much healthier over all, more power foods… Tomorrow, should my heal injury (long story for another post) allow me, I am going for an easy run! Yay!


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