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OLVW – Day 3 Awww, yeah!

This week has me really thinking about returning to a vegetarian lifestyle, only I think I’d be a flexetarian (meaning I would eat poultry and seafood ocassionally.) I really don’t eat much red meat now that I am aware of my body and the nurtrion I give it. Every once in a while I will have a 4 oz. steak, usually when my daughter or wife as for them, and maybe once or twice a month I would do a pork loin. I could do without both… IDK, we shall see.

While I had a lot of food fun today, my star had to be this:

I mean seriously? I can’t even believe that I made that! I found it on tumblr a few weeks ago and pinned it to my “Yummy” board! It was only the image and I wasn’t sure where to find it. I went to Google today and searched “watermelon, kiwi cubes” and then went through the images. I found a few guides to this and though why not! Now, in my defense, a lot of the ones I found the people had tofu cutters to make their perfect squares. Not me, I had limited culinary experience, a bit of intelligence and a lot of gusto! This is what I put together! I used toothpicks to stabilize the stacks and I also lowered the calories by using one three inch stack of watermelon as the very center stack and using fat free feta. Garnished with a few crumbles and a grape sitting with fresh mint! Funny thing is I didn’t even eat this! I snacked on the scraps that were left, had I not snacked them I would have made them a little salad because it would be awful to waste that, I mean you only get two squares per sizable kiwi! (MAYBE three is you are a kiwi ninja like me!)

Other things I “invented” today were the smooshed banana on toast and my flautas! I had a kinda bruised banana and decided to smoosh it and spread it on a piece of toast. Then I had the extra and mixed it with my cottage cheese. It was a fantastic breakfast. For lunch I was going to just eat the leftover bean soup, but decided instead to make that into the filling for whole wheat flautas! I mixed the soup and some diced tomatoes and fresh spinach, rolled them up, put them in a cute little casserole dish and baked them in the Nuwave oven. After I took them out I just sprinkled a bit of cheese! Awesome! Finally, I wanted something sweet and ice cream like so I used my little Ninja blender and I tossed in one peeled kiwi, one cup frozen strawberries, two teaspoons honey and an ounce of almond milk – blended till smooth and creamy and then settled in for Flipping Out (love you Jeff Lewis!)

I have not an idea if this burst of energy and creativity is fueled my a more human diet, but I feel great and I am really having fun!


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