Much ado about nothing.

So that is where they hide them!

I am, seriously, so strange when it comes to buying eggs. I mean, I thought I was normal but have noticed that while I take 10-15 minutes others come and grab eggs… by the dozen. (I couldn’t help it, sorry!) Anyway, they might briefly open the container or give it a precarious glance over to ensure it isn’t obviously leaking. I open the container and give it the look over, if all looks well I use a finger to gently shift each egg around. If any of the eggs look funny (odd light gray spider web looking non-cracks) I swap them out, this can be very time consuming because they almost all are busted or ugly and I have to go through many to come way with a dozen fair eggs. I usually by three dozen a week PLUS we have the eggs our two chickens produce (5-7 eggs a week.)

The other day the whole egg section was just busted to hell and I was frustrated. I hunted through so many blue Styrofoam containers I started to believe I would not be able to buy eggs and then, then I did something simple. I looked up. above my head, hard to reach, was a shelf of beautiful egg crates. I reached up, practically climbing on the icebox, I grasped at the first row, the only one I could manage to get my fingertips on. PERFECT EGGS!!! I should have been happy, but I was more intrigued! I scaled the unit again and pulled down the next available carton. PERFECT EGGS!!! No way.

Guys, that top shelf is next to invisible to a shorty like me, and to most lazies. So there the perfect eggs just sit. Look, I will be frank no store egg is going to taste like grass and sun – for that you need farm eggs (I am lucky enough to have two chickens in my back yard.) Still if you have to buy them, check the way high invisible shelf!

The tip top shelf, a view from eye level!

1 thought on “So that is where they hide them!”

  1. Jez, where I buy eggs…they are accessible by someone who might stand only 3 feet tall!! Why does your market place your cartons of eggs so high….or just how short are you anyway 🙂 ??

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