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on October 3, 2012

The truth about this blog is that it’s not written by a professional writer, I know big surprise! I’m not a professional crafter or artist and I am far from a seamstress. Heck, I just became a stay at home mom and home schooler last September! I am just a girl who has always enjoyed art and writing, who has always had a curiosity and a drive to make things. I love the idea of being self sufficient and making that happen with my passions, but the truth is for the most part I create for my enjoyment and for the delight of those I love!

I am not wealthy, my family gets by and we do alright – we are truly blessed – but we are not rich by any means. I don’t have a set aside craft area, let alone a craft room! (I would kill for that.) So often my projects are on top of or squeezed between family and kid crap… While I wish I could say we eat organic everything we do not, I couldn’t possibly afford to have my children eat fresh fruit and veggies everyday if I tried to make them all organic, it is a one or the other and the other is more important. I’ve never been taught to sew. When I was younger I hot glued everything, still do often. I learned by looking at things, reading a few alterna-sewing books and buying a machine. I took one college level art class and dang near failed the bloody thing because it was all black and white still life and I bore quickly. I am not a personal trainer, or a nutritionist. I never had either of those. I just took myself to a Weight Watchers meeting one day and then decided that while what they had given me was great I needed more info and to listen to my body. I learned to cook by following recipes and then trusting my taste buds. I’m saying all of this because I want you all to realize that you can do anything you want, with whatever means you have.

Often I would stumble upon fantastic blogs that make me green with envy! How can they afford the foods that look so good? Where do they find the time to cook them? When did she learn to sew so skillfully? How do you come across such cute design ideas? All of these questions… It just seemed that people were doing what I wanted to be doing while all I could see were the reasons I could not. Then one day I did, and I have been ever since.

Something has happened in my life. I went from looking with longing to living with happiness. I am that girl running races, shopping for normal (even small) clothes, going to the gym, eating good food, making art, teaching her kids, running the household. I am that girl and I made myself everything I am. I have a wonderful partner and a lovely family, but I was still a 255 pound sad person until I decided to change it. That is a decision anyone can make.

Today was a normal day in my house. We woke up and the kids had breakfast (cereal, which is not the norm here. I usually insist that they have eggs and fruit, but occasionally they get their way with it.) We didn’t get out of our PJ’s – it was a relaxed day. We got into school, read books, talked and played. They kids fed the animals and I got started in the kitchen. Then we took a break, they took the dog out to the yard to play and I made lunch. Then after talking about poetry and drawing pictures I decided to give my youngest daughter the haircut she had been nagging at me about. The child has wanted her hair (that was long and straight to her butt) cut off to her chin since she was maybe three years old. When she was four we let her cut it, as she got older she wanted a pixie cut and when she was six we let her get it. Lately she has wanted to leave her front mid-cheek length and her back short and spiky. She has been consistent with the haircut she wanted so today she got it! It is so awesome to be able to walk my baby girl outside and give her the haircut she wanted and then let her go shower at three in the afternoon.

Oh, maybe I should mention that I’m not a professional stylist either! 😉


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