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OLVW – Day 5. Wow, has it been five days?

Okay, let me break this down for you guys. Everyday I think, “What will the stand out for today be?” I plan one BIG dish, the rest are just kind of made on the fly. Today the big deal was going to be the carrot butter, and it was – trust! That sh*t is so good that I can’t stop stealing bits of it! I had it for breakfast and I swear that if I didn’t have a crap load of veggies that need to be used I would eat that three times a day. In fact I had a bit more with a bit of cottage cheese for a snack! However, I am so glad I did keep going because for dinner I made a veggie pizza that blew everything away! It was so simple also and had no cheese or sauce! Snap! lol

I want to let you guys know that I am probably going to continue this lifestyle, as long as it’s working for me (and that’s not just a weight thing, it’s a eating thing. I mean, I really feel like this is the first time in years I have eaten and felt indulged, healthy and not guilty all at once.) I know I have several dinner plans over the next month where I will be eating seafood, and one where I am scheduled to eat a club sandwich, the seafood I am leaving the club I may change. I really like how I have been feeling and what I have been eating!


1 thought on “OLVW – Day 5. Wow, has it been five days?”

  1. That pizza looks so good! I’ve been ordering mine for a long time with whole wheat crust and without cheese, and surprisingly, don’t miss it at all. Plus, I don’t feel as guilty for eating so much pizza that way.

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