Little duckies..., Mind - body - soul., Much ado about nothing.


I get kind of down by the end of the week, not every week but often. I have so much fun with the kids and cooking and running around, still I miss my wife. She is busy with work, making all this possible and I am hustling also. By the evening when she gets home it’s barely a kiss hello/goodbye and I am out the door for a run, then cooking dinner so she can shove off to bed and we can start over. It’s a good life, but the kids and I enjoy the time we have as a complete family. That is why Sunday’s are my favorite day.

I started the day with a early morning run and then ran to the grocer to pick up a few odds and ends. On my way home I grabbed chocolate milk and donuts for the family, I had my nephew with us as well. The kids noshed on those things and played in Lou’s room while my wife and I brunched in the yard. I love to hear the chickens make their happy little chicken noises while I am outside, makes me feel safe and cozy. It’s funny because when we came back from out hurricane Isaac evacuation we had left the chicken with my mother and the backyard was eerily quiet. Anyway, we had brunch after my wife put together a Fall bouquet of weeds, branched and stolen flowers. (My neighbors shrub hangs low in our yard!)  While we were sitting enjoying the weather she decided to use rope and make a swing! The kids were beyond delighted! My wife also made a small balance beam – the yard is not a play kingdom!!!

After lunch I dropped my nephew off to my brother and took the kids out to fly kites, because while trees make awesome swing sets they suck when it comes to a kite flying free and happy in the air. lol My friend, Evan, met us while we were out and I invited her to come walk the track while I ran a couple of miles before making dinner (artichoke rice) and settling down for the Saints game (one more reason to love Sunday!) The kids bathed and played while we enjoyed a glass of wine and the football game. Gosh, it was sure nice to see Sean Peyton again!


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