Celeb gossip., Much ado about nothing., Trrrr-ash!

No judgment.

That’s what the great and mighty O (as in Oprah) said about this here topic I am about to open my mouth on!

I would like to say that there is never a time when a man should hit a woman, never a situation that calls for violence. For the most part that is my opinion, but I do not subscribe to the belief that a man should let his wife or female lover or girl friend abuse him. He should walk away when he can, he should avoid when he can, he should restrain when he needs to, in the end he should leave – just like a woman should if a man is abusive. I don’t think he should use her violence as a reason to be violent with her, just as a woman shouldn’t use abuse as a reason to kill her partner… Only that last situation is often accepted. It’s not right, man on woman or the other way around.

Great, glad I said that because here is this: I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR SO LONG! I think it will finally be officially official soon! I love them together!!! I want them to work. I think it’s probably more likely that this reunion will be a train wreck – but I really want them to be grown ups and make it last!!!! Like a modern day Whitney and Bobby!!!

PLEASE!!! I have been waiting years for this one!!!

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