Little duckies..., Much ado about nothing.

What now?

It’s 4:05 in the afternoon on a Friday and I am utterly lost!

I have the Susan G. Komen for the cure New Orleans 5K and my wife has a work commitment so the girls had to go to my mother’s house. I had plans to drive them the hour and a half, but then my father called and let me know that he was able to do it as he would be going home tonight. As a result the girls went of to Mimi’s about an hour ago and I am left with an empty house. I made myself a cup of coffee and I stood in the kitchen. There are dished to do, the living room needs to be straightened, I could start in on some laundry or figure out dinner. No lack of things that need taking care of, but I feel so sad. I’m not used to having my girls gone, it’s been months since they slept out and even longer since they slept out and I was left with out the distraction of some event (like the race tomorrow.) I’ve gotten so used to having them, we are the three musketeers. We grocery shop, run errands, attend dance, school, clean and hangout together. Sure, in the evenings I go out for a run or might go to work on a Saturday morning. Just crazy to feel so, I don’t know. I feel like a balloon without his string. It’s nice to think of a little freedom but sucks to see the ground get so far away.

I’m going to finish my coffee, do the dishes, straighten the living room and go for a run. Then, later tonight, I’ll call to check in on them and take a bath. (A bath without little people opening the door to let cold air in! Oh, my!!! I think I’ll miss the chill.)


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