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When two worlds collide.

on October 22, 2012

I started vlogging my weight loss in September of 2010, it was just a way for me to talk about what was in my head and to connect to a world of other overweight people who were looking at the same struggles as I was. I had no idea I would meet so many people who have become friends… One of my dearest friends, Ashlee, is a beauty/weight loss vlogger. We have spent many hours talking via google+ chat and texting back and forth. Ashlee is an amazing young woman who has done wonderfully with her weight loss thus far and who had endured more of life’s curve balls than I can imagine.

Today Ashlee will arrive here to visit for the next two weeks! It’s so strange to think of in reality, but on no level am I apprehensive in regards to her actual visit. I’m worried over making sure she has fun, on balancing her visit with the demands of home school and family, hoping she will like my cooking! Those things aside I am super stoked to be running the Jazz Half Marathon with her this coming Saturday – so stupid!!! This will be my second half and I have to tell you the idea of 13.1 miles seems a bit daunting this time. I think it’s because now know what I’m setting myself up for! lol

I plan on blogging our many adventures, but those probably wont start being rolled out until after her visit. For now I have post already scheduled to roll out over the next week and plan to have several more pre-posted by the time her visit is in full swing, but with plans like the zoo, aquarium, insectarium, swamp, haunted house, Halloween party and a half marathon I am sure you guys will be reading about her visit for quite a little while!


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