Fun, fun, fun!, Much ado about nothing.

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas ~ NOLA

Yesterday we headed to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, as me and the kids have done many times over the last few years thanks to my mother giving the family a Audubon family pass for Christmas the last three years. I love the Aquarium, it’s peaceful and climate controlled (which down here in the sweltering heat is really nice for year round visits.) I would like to go on record now, ready any dudes I have reading or girls looking to impress a girl: this is a GREAT DATE DESTINATION!!! Seriously, a first date or a anniversary, or a make-up date. You can park down at the end of the flea market and ride the river front street car to the Aquarium (or walk if you and your girl enjoy that.) You stroll around this smart little Aquarium and then you walk through the French Quarter, find a lovely little dinner spot and have a few drinks (her, not you. You are driving!) On the way home she snuggles with the WAY overpriced, but totally adorable stuffed sea animal you bought her. Yay!

Anywhatarewetalkingaboutway, back to the trip we took yesterday. Ashlee had never been to an aquarium so it was really neat to see her take it all in. Not just there, but the whole city. I realized I take so much of this place for granted. I didn’t always. When I was younger I was in love with the city, it’s buildings, it’s grit, the sheer magic of this place. I got a job down town and I hung out in a few bars with the morning coffee crowd. I had friends and a fun little life I always thought I’d have. Of course the relationship I was in was kind of crap and so colored my whole experience, and I got real tired of paying $150 a month just to park my car so I could work. Throw in that my friends moved on, the morning coffee crowd changed and when I became a mom I could no longer ignore the violence that was constantly happening at the fringe of our “safe” zone and I guess you could say I just lost the love.

Lou ♥ is ten so it’s been almost eleven years since I was actively a little city street rat and now going back in is different. Seeing the city in the bright morning light, running a race through it’s streets, sharing it with a friend and my children, I can see the magic again. I guess it’s a more mature and realistic view of a truly one of a kind place. I can see the love of the city creep into Mavis, darling!’s eyes and I say a little prayer that she will make it into and out of that love affair unharmed as I am sure my parents prayed for me. Lou ♥ takes it in with a sort of appreciation for all the history she has learned in school being here in front of her. Ashlee looked around like I did at 13 and I think that is wonderful.


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