Friday 5, Much ado about nothing.

Friday 5 – classic Halloween costumes

It’s a wonderful time of year and I have all of our costumes lined up, but if you still haven’t committed to an idea here are a few classic Halloween costumes to consider. Costumes are getting cooler and more complex, but sometimes the best (and most wallet friendly) idea is to go basic. Some of my go to ideas are a simple pair of wings with jeans (there are some really killer wings out there that are adult size and range from $6.99-12.99) and a few years ago I turned a bridesmaids dress into a fairy costume by cutting up the edges and spraying glitter glue all over it, I also go with a wig and wild makeup – it’s all for fun. Two ears ago my wife and I went out for Halloween and at the last minute she decided to dress up. I bought the cheap and classic black jumper with foam bones skeleton costume and that was an outrageous hit!


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