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13th Gate 2012, Baton Rouge

on October 30, 2012

I love Baton Rouge!!! I don’t think I stress that enough. I lived there for roughly six-ish months after hurricane Katrina and all I could do was mourn the loss of my lovely little hometown, however in retrospect I started to realize how much I liked it there. It’s kind of like a blend of where I live (just a few miles southeast of New Orleans) and the city itself. My amazing wife has a job lined up in Baton Rouge and I am overly excited about moving there in a few years!!!

ANYgirlwhocaresWAY!!! Recently I went to the first haunted house I have been to a) as an adult, b) with a partner {others I went to with friends} and c) that was professional. I went to the Mortuary in New Orleans and it was scary. I’m one of those girls who watches a scary movie through the cracks of my fingers, so when it came time I literally buried myself into Wife’s back and let her hold my hands at her stomach! lol I call it the “Death Grab” and it works. Wife laughed a lot and I heard her say, “Oh, look how cool.” so many times, Ashlee and I screamed bloody flippin’ murder. If you would like details you can check this video, but be warned it is almost an hour long!!!

From that little trip to the Mortuary we decided we wanted to do another and there is a really BIG DEAL haunted house in Baton Rouge called the 13th Gate. So, like freaks we set out to plan that trip. Now, until recently (May) it had been several years since I had been to Baton Rouge and that trip was at night for a concert at Spanish Moon. I love that place. When I drove out there I realized my mind still had its map to the world. A twee jumbled, but workable. On this trip it happened again, just having a sense of where we were and where we needed to be. That kind of comfort takes me forever and I still have it left over from a six month stay seven years ago – awesome!!

Saturday morning I ran the Jazz Half Marathon, which started early as you can see, and I was whooped, starving and sore going into the night. Thing is it was the best night to fit the hour and a half trip to Baton Rouge in, so we did. First, Ashlee did my hair!!! How awesome are those curls? Thank you very much! I was pretty high on running  and pride most of the night, we waited in a LONG line that flew by and were off. It was a killer haunted house, made me want to do the haunted catacombs next year! You are not allowed pictures, clearly, as the flash would not only not be scary it would hurt the actors eyes.

After the 13th Gate, which killed, we headed to – now this is a big deal – my favorite diner in the world, Louie’s Cafe. I say that this is a big deal because there is a place in Chalmette, my home town, that I love called Par 3. I have the Par 3 Club every time I run a race – until this half. I don’t eat meat, that whole Ovo-Lacto and Mollusk thing, and haven’t been to that diner in a long time. When I realized I was heading to Baton Rouge the same night of the half I decided to have a new race sandwich, the California Cooler – O M G. This is avocado, tomato, mushroom, sprouts, cream cheese and mayo on bread. It is vegetarian heaven in yo’ mouth! I was utterly food drunk. Only, unlike when I have the club, I was not heavy or uncomfortable in my jeans!

On the way back to the car we took a quick group picture and I have to say I was every bit as happy as I look in it. It was great night, and it’s a good life. I missed my kids something awful, but passed out as soon as we were snuggled in the back of Wife’s car. Jeremiah took a picture of that, but I will spare you!


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