Fun, fun, fun!, it's the holidays!, The whole family!

“Pumpkin Party” 2012, Mississippi

My Aunt T hosts a “Pumpkin Party” every year. It’s a Halloween party, but due to her religion it’s not called that (I think it was at one point, idk.) AnyGIRLGIVEMETHATCUPCAKEway, this year it was on the same Saturday that I ran the Jazz and went to the 13th Gate (both things I have blogged this week.) Still, because I adore my kids and enjoy my family, I made the hour and 45 minute trek to my Aunt’s house to stay just long enough to laugh, play War Head, take a few pictures, give hugs and kisses, snag a brownie and a cupcake, and then bid an early farewell.

Oh, you don’t know the game War Head? It was born from them passing out those treacherous War Head candies and me flipping the freak out. Now, at practically every fam gathering I choke myself for the entertainment of my loved ones. This day they all popped a War Head with varrying amounts of hilarity!


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