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Trick or treat! Thank you!

on November 1, 2012

Trick or treating, huh. I sigh. See that thank you? I am big on that.

This year was twice as crowded as the last few, after hurricane Katrina this place was a dust covered ghost town for almost a year. Our first Halloween back was 2008, the kids went off with my mom to Trick or Trunk and Wife and I waited for kids – kids who never came. The next two years we went to my mom’s house and last year we gave it another try. 2011 they actually had a few people around here giving out candy, still no one came to our house. We live on a nowhere street which is great for quiet kid raising, not great for having TorT visitors.

This year we didn’t even try, we just rolled to a more populated neighborhood and hit up a few street. I think more that the candy my babies were thrilled that Pawpaw came with us!


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