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Friday 5 ~ My favorite websites.

  1. Cele-bitchy– I love a good gossip site. I check this one frequently. It’s the least raunchy of them and pretty SFW (safe for work) on the regular. Thing you should know: the people in the forums get crazy on anything that can remotely be associated with the Jen-Brad-Ang trifecta.

    I am a gossip whore, but that can be hurtful in real life. This site is how I indulge that. I actually have a more favorite gossip site, but I have gotten a virus from it so I don’t go. If you want to risk it go to http://www.wwtdd.com
  2. Pinterest– I adore this site, all the pinning in the world!!! It has recently been my goto for collecting all the A-may-zing vegetarian dishes I want to make!!! Oh, and I die for shoes and fashion, I can’t shop so I pin!!! Thing you should know: WILL MAKE YOU WANT SO MANY AMAZING THINGS!!!

    Pin, pin, pin – ooh, add a category – pin, pin, pin… That is how I spend SO much time!!!
  3. YouTube– This site helped me connect with so many people. Helped me lose weight and stay on track and help others… This site has taught me so much about make up. I adore this site. Thing you should know: People throw shade. The happier you are the more hate you will attract, but for every negative comment you will get dozens of happy ones. Ignore ugly and rise above.

    Look me up, hookers. Name over there is LittleFATmeBlog – love it!
  4. WordPress– I have been a blogger for many years now. I stayed on blogger.com until this blog here. I didn’t switch because I felt like I really liked blogger. I did. Now that I have switched, oh – girl. I wouldn’t go back. Thing you should know: It takes time to learn a new interface, but once you do it is awesome. Having a virtual scrap book to go back over is awesome. Start a blog, write something, tell me about it so I can check you out and follow!!!

    Can you believe I have blogged through October? I adore!!!
  5. gmap-pedometer.com– I have been looking for something like this forever, and I am in love. This is my most favorite website!!! You can enter your route and get a distance. Freaking awesome!! Thing you should know: There is an instruction page, use it. It’s really, really easy once you do!!!

    I love this site, I’ve been mapping routes all freaking day!!!

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