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Daily Prompt – 3 Nov 12

on November 5, 2012

Write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

Daily Prompt.

Dear Woman,

I really hope you are still running, I know you are still eating right – if you aren’t doing either GET ON IT. I hope that with your extra time (now that the kids are older, something that scares me so badly) you are doing lots of painting and that you finally got NaNoWriMo done at some point.

Kiss your wife and call the girls to say I love them!

Rock on.

And then I changed my mind… I like this blog being closed on the weekend. I don’t want to challenge myself to blog everyday. I like blogging through the week. I like pre-blogging a few days and then just writing up a few here and there as if we were old friends chatting. So I am moving this to be a Monday morning post and I am taking back my weekends. 🙂 You will see this blip on a few post as I move them and close my blog for the weekend.


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