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on November 5, 2012

And then I changed my mind… I like this blog being closed on the weekend. I don’t want to challenge myself to blog everyday. I like blogging through the week. I like pre-blogging a few days and then just writing up a few here and there as if we were old friends chatting. So I am moving this to be a Monday morning post and I am taking back my weekends. 🙂

There is no daily prompt that I can find, so I thought I would write a quick note. Today I went to the French Quarter with my friend Ashlee. We had so much fun, exploring and shopping (her, not me, no money here!) and eating and talking… I realized that over the last two weeks of her visit I have very much fallen back in love with this city, with this southern Louisianian world I have been blessed to live in. I realized that I was excited to do the things I have done, but also to blog them. Having this blog has made me so happy, content and just warm and fuzzy!

I have a new food philosophy, I have a new thought on my future (school) and I think I am going to sell art. The end.

Stay tuned guys, it’s only just begun!


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