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Global Wildlife Center 2012 ~ Folsom, LA

on November 7, 2012

Global Wildlife Center consist of 3,000 animals on 900 acres of southern Louisiana land. It’s a beautiful and amazing place. We’ve been there before, actually twice. Once with the girls when they were four and two and Mavis, darling! had a complete melt down half way through and once with Lou ♥ when she was five and it was beyond hot.

This tour was the most perfect, except my darling Wife was at home sick! It was absolutely lovely weather and the place was easy to find… I turned down the drive and found us stuck in a heard of fallow deer, I was convinced I had gone the wrong was and halted to make a call. The girl who answered ensured us we should be out with the animals while we drive in. Oh, okay. We arrived to find that there was a local school group and I swear the over crowded, noisy mass is not something I miss from the days of my kids being in public school. I said a teeny prayer that they would at least not be on my wagon. Blessedly they were leaving.

We lined up for the covered wagon train and waited, only to have the guy driving make  a mistake that led to us being one of only four groups to board our tour. It was like a mini tour, or semi private and that was awesome. The tour guide, Brad, was friendly and funny and not ugly (always good.) Our fellow passengers were nice, relaxed and kind. The kids had a wonderful time and Ashlee seemed really happy also!


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