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Friday 5 ~ TV women I adore.

I think that the title says it all, but just to go with it. I think that I see a little of me in each of these characters. Like we could all be sisters, best friends or hate each other due to being in direct competition! lol

  1. Rhoda Morgenstern, Rhoda – my first memory of Rhoda is from way back when my mother and I would watch late night TV. I just loved her, she was loud and funny and had such an exciting style – colorful and brash!

    Valerie Harper as Rhoda Morgenstern
  2. Darlene Conner, Roseanne– I loved Darlene from the get. She was me, the middle child (daughter) between Ms. Preppy perfect older sister and the baby brother. She was just as lost, into art, dressed dark and was cruel and sarcastic – ME!!! Then when i was older I would talk about how I really thought she was gay, and hoped to be honest. It led to one of the biggest arguments with my mother when she accused me of thinking everyone was gay and wishing it on everyone. I insisted that wasn’t the case, that I honestly thought she was – guess who was right! Score one for the me!

    Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner.
  3. Joey Potter, Dawson’s Creek – I turned this show into the guilty pleasure of so many and years later my wife’s! lol I was ahuge fan of Joey, she’s cute and sweet and I just loved her.

    Katie Holmes as Joey Potter.
  4. Jaye Tyler, Wonderfalls– this chick is so me. Nuts. Cray-cray. Only my voices live in my head, not around me. I so wish this show would have been picked up… HEY! Next Friday 5 idea, maybe shows that only got one season despite being amaze-balls!

    Caroline Dhavernas (and wax lion) as Jaye Tyler.
  5. Joan Holloway, Mad Men– I love her, I love her. Biggest compliment came from Wife the other day when she was like, “I think I like her so much because she’s you.” OMG – love it!

    Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway.

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