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Taking a break.

It’s hard when you know what you know, but you can’t make that line up with what you feel or your inner voice. I know I need a day off. I know that. I have been working out daily, in part to keep myself moving through the flare up I wrote of and in part because I hate taking time off. I do, I hate it! I always want to run, my mind is constantly playing life Tetris attempting to fit a run in here or there. After a big run it’s important to take time off, some people say as much as a day per each mile – so after a half it’s 13 days!!! OMG, no! Yet there I was, taking time so my knee could mend, my body not fall to parts.

Getting back out there was such an amazing feeling, I went for a speed walk on Tuesday, easy jog on Friday, RUN (as in alone and pushing as hard as I could) on Saturday and then I went for a good jog on Sunday morning, came home and hit the elliptical. All good, all fun, all awesome – only a body needs to heal, to mend. On that power run Saturday my knee was angry, my leg a bit unwilling. On Sunday I was feeling my knee by the first mile, I was feeling it in a way that said, “If you keep this up I will quit on you.” Fine, tomorrow you get the day off, I thought. Monday comes and I swear there is a rational part of me who is like, “Whoo-hoo day off!” it’s just that the larger part is thinking of weather, rainy and cool and gray, and how I would love to take myself for a run tonight after dancing.

Dear Lord,

Please give me the gift of patience and heal my body so I can run better and faster and be active soon. Amen.

I need to work in some more art. I started this painting a few days ago and still haven’t gotten done with it. It’s my dog, who I love! Maybe that’s what I will schedule on days I simply must schedule a day off from working out!


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