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A little change can do us good.

I ordered the 3rd grade LifePac courses for Mavis, darling! about a month and a few days ago. Things were getting clearer and clearer that on-line learning was not going to work for her, poor baby!

LifePac has arrived!!!

It took some time to adjust to the new style of learning. The subjects are broken into ten work texts (they are full color text books with the workbook built in.) She was a bit confused over being able to write in her books and the idea that her daily “test” was “open book” – but now she is on a roll. She understands looking back into her book and finding the answer vs. the just guess and keep guessing that has been her motto thus far, and for the first time I feel her truly understanding how to study and that she isn’t supposed to have the answers she is supposed to be learning the answers.

This year I was so ready to get going, I had all the best plans – then a hurricane came and we got all off and then a visit from my friend and we were running around… Finally we are just here, set and ready (of course the Thanksgiving holiday is a week away, joy!) I had a sit down “come to Jesus” meeting with the girls about bed times and school time and the need for more discipline meaning that either they had to work with me or I had to punish. They voted work with me and we are now happily wrapping up our days at 3-4 each afternoon instead of lingering school dang near dinner!

It’s so nice that they are now both at an age where rational talks can equal action, though this is but a small window in time. Lou ♥ is already starting to exit this blissful place and enter teenage-hood, where rational talk is met with eye rolling and attitude. Sadly, at only 21 months apart, Mavis, darling! will not be far behind…


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