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City Park 2012, NOLA

on November 20, 2012

16 November 12

Field trips are one of the many beautiful things about home schooling! We get to go to a lot of places they never would, but it’s nice to have a school group around also. Lou ♥’s school is always having trips, but we have to be selective. As a rule I try to attend the non “scholastic” types, like picnics and pumpkin patched – when it comes to museums and movies and such I would rather not have the distraction of a dozen new people buzzing around.

The Friday before Thanksgiving break there was a school organized picnic at City Park and considering the fact that we had wrapped early this week it was not only fun it caused no extra stress! (Always nice!)

I met several parents and got to show off my Kindle (love converting people, Amazon should pay me! lol) and the kids had a blast playing with a group near their age. It was picture perfect weather for being out and the kids (Lou ♥ especially) begged to take the dog so we did. Wiley was a perfect gentle man with everyone, even a small child who pet him with a cookie inches from his watering mouth. Thing is he suddenly got very ugly each time another dog walked by. I have decided to take him to the dog park more often, we have to break this habit!


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