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on November 26, 2012

Last week I had a few days to myself and nothing pressing to do, which is a rarity. Generally if the kids are not with me it’s because we have something going on, so I only get to obsess about their absence when I first drop them and for a few hours before we retrieve them… not this time. I had three days to fill and my wife and I had straightened the house so I didn’t even have that to distract me. On Wednesday I had lunch with a friend from work and then decided to go to a local park to run. I had been feeling pretty crappy and my tummy was flip flopping as I finished lunch, steamed veggies and tofu – small and light.

It was an absolutely beautiful day out and there were so many people running and walking dogs!

I set out to run, telling myself all I wanted was just to jog a mile and then see what happens. I will tell you that whenever I take the pressure off I seem to really excel. I ran the first mile, walked a few minutes and then ran the rest. I averaged myself an 8:52 mile – for 2.44 miles. See, as I have said in the past, I can run fast but I can only run fast for a mile. This is the fast I have ran for that long and I am proud of me!!!

Personal best!!!


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