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On my own…

on November 29, 2012

Ah, scary thoughts are ripping through my little Sagittarius head. I have spoken in the past, though maybe not here, about my “job.” Look, I know that I play a very important role in my family, I work more than full time. I am the primary caregiver for two growing children, I am their educator. I am the chef and the secretary. I am far from perfect, but I work hard constantly. This is a job with so many rewards it’s ridiculous. Seriously, I get to see my children grow and change daily. I get to take care of the things I love the absolute most in such an intimate way. There is the fact that I get to live my life on my own time, which alleviates some of the extra stress of being ill.

Still, my inner I don’t know what has not wanted to give up my Weight Watchers job. It’s only one day a week, Saturday (that kind of sucks because it takes me away in the morning when the family is all home and together.) It’s only 32 dollars twice a month (that’s still 64 dollars.) I have this fear of leaving it, but lately I have had this feeling that it was blocking my path. Like, life has something bigger waiting, but I have to trust enough to let go and let it come.

So this is me, telling you guys that I am going to be on my own soon. I am going to open an etsy store for paintings and card readings – didn’t know I did that, I do! You will hear more about it and I am going to do more blogging and look into motivational speaking and so on. I am ready to receive that which God has put into the universe for me. Yay.


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