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My friend is dying.

on December 3, 2012

Can a chicken be your friend? Well, a friend brings you comfort, makes you laugh, is always there, makes you feel safe, hangs out with you and becomes a part of you. A friend makes your life better. My chicken, Dawn, does all those things. She is my friend, and she is dying.20121203-123833.jpg

It isn’t as sad as it could be, I guess, Dawn is an old lady as far as chickens go. She is around 7.5 years old. She is the epitome of a pet chicken. When we got her she was over three, well at the end of laying and with a roughed up look. She had been bullied and she had been de-combed by the other chicken. Rough. She arrived with a blond chicken we named Cher. Dawn and Cher made us want one more – three would be perfect! Kaitlyn was a black and white speckled hen.

Those girls were so fun, but Dawn was by far the stand out. She is friendly and funny and super awesome.

Yesterday when I went to toss some grapes her way, something she loves, she was down in the dirt all lop sided and not moving. I thought she was hurt, raccoons or cats or something. My wife came when I called her and she turned Dawn over, ever so slowly… Dawn kind of got back to her feet and began to act like a chicken again. She ate a few grapes and scratched around, but she is slow. Suddenly you can see her age in ever fiber of her being.

I held her for a long while, the wife held her. She relaxed, enjoyed receiving the love and even chicken purred. I cried and told her it’s okay, she’s been amazing and that she should not be scared. I also told her I would love to care for her again, so if she chooses to incarnate as a dog or cat or chicken I would like her to be mine. My friend joked that she may be my mother in my next life, I would welcome that love. She was an awesome mom.

Today Dawn is up and about, she’s tipped twice but once I right her she continues on. I know it will probably not be long and I am watching for signs of suffering, and I am glad to have her while we do.


2 responses to “My friend is dying.

  1. mimifarrow says:

    😦 So sad…I keep chickens as well and each one of them has distinct personalities that we treasure. If you can find some iron-free Polyvisol (children’s liquid vitamins) that might help her out a bit, you can just give her a squirt down the back of her throat. Or Sav-A-Chick electrolyte supplement works great too, which you should be able to find at your local feed store. I take some layer or grower crumble and add either or to make a wet mash, along with some cottage cheese, and they gobble it right up.
    Anyway, just some suggestions in case she’s just not feeling well. I have a friend who’s pet chicken lived til she was 21 and laid til she was 12!! Anything is possible. :))
    Best of luck to you all.

    • Thank you so much! Any suggestion is welcome! She is doing better, though I fear being hopeful. We’ll be turning the coop into an old folks home tomorrow, lowering and fixing ramps… Thank you for your well wishes and advice!

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