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Hebrews 11:1

on December 10, 2012

“Now faith is the substance of all things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.”

That is my favorite scripture, though I have many and the list is growing. I have to admit that my spiritual life has been in a bit of a stagnation. Conflicts of my heart and soul and the widely accepted have almost crippled me. However through my youngest daughter needing a new curriculum I found this daily devotional prayer book for home schoolers and it was just the gently bit of sunlight and water that my heart needed. I would go to it now and again and start my day with it, and my days were better.

self sketch (2)

How I am trying to start everyday! 🙂

Recently I was literally shaking in bed, scared I was having a heart attack, but pretty sure it was my mind racing and refusing to quiet. I got up and went looking for a book my mother gave me, Prayers That Avail Much, and I looked up the prayer for travel (as my wife was traveling at the time) after praying that I prayer the prayers to give it all to God, then I read my daily devotional and prayed that prayer… At the end of roughly minutes I was at peace, and felt overwhelmingly tired. I slept so well that early morning. I woke up feeling good and I thought, “I should start each day like this.” So I have made the effort and while I haven’t done it everyday I am striving for that. There is a beauty in the day when started with God’s counsel and I feel overwhelmingly happy with this new change in my life. This return of something I had been mourning. I look forward to searching my heart and soul and figuring out how to not just sit with the relationship I have with God, but how to build it and grow it.


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