Fun, fun, fun!, Much ado about nothing.

Before and after – DMV style!

Guess what I did my little bloggies?! I took myself to the local DMV and I got myself a new license!!! Can you believe that? So, that before picture was in 2010, around 25 pounds already lost (that would make me 230 pounds.) OMG! My after picture is at, well if I am honest I weighed 149.8 that day. Strange, I know. To know what you weigh everyday, but I do. I can’t say that will ever change, it’s part of never going back to where I was. I don’t think I do it in an unhealthy way, I don’t get crazy (well, I usually don’t.) Want to know something really weird? I can usually guess what I will weigh first thing in the morning with in .2 of a pound, yeah, I know. 5

Anyway, the people thought I was nuts I was so excited to have my picture taken! I told the lady behind the desk to put 137, because that is my ultimate weight goal and I am usually 142-145, she put 135. When asked to correct it she just gave me a look and was like, “Now you have a new goal.” Um, okay!


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