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on December 12, 2012

I can clearly remember the joy I would get when I was REALLY young and I would certain pieces of my older sister’s wardrobe, though I can not remember any specific bits of clothing. I can alternately remember the burning frustration I would experience more often when an article of clothing or a pair of shoes I loathed would head my way. More often this was due to ill fit, not any dent to personal fashion choice because as a child I was only interested in comfort. There was a particular pair of shoes I abhorred, they were white and had maroon stripes. I didn’t find them unattractive, but the arches hurt my feet.

As we got older I was the bigger sister – size wise – and I would feel my heart hurt as I would grow out of clothes I truly loved. Having to watch it dance around me on another person hurt my heart. For one, because I wished I could fit in it still and for two, it was a reminder that I was growing and that just hurt my feelings. hand me downs

So I was loaded with emotion as I maneuvered my oldest through sorting her clothing and I was overly encouraging when I brought each item to my youngest. For my oldest, Lou ♥, I was gentle – This will help make room for things you enjoy wearing. You can keep memory shirts. You can donate or give to Mavis, darling! As I spoke with Mavis, darling! I was easy going – You don’t have to take any of it. If you will not wear it, do not keep it. They have such wildly different styles, and I pray I can always allow them the ability to express themselves. I also pray that I can deal with that self expression, God knows I tested my mother…


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