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Friday 5 ~ Staring in my own movie, always darling!

on December 14, 2012

So, now maybe I am the only one, but I am always the star of my own movie! Seriously. My kids are like, “Mom, why does everything have to be a song?!” Actually, my kids are not the only ones to say such things to me… The answer is this, my head is an adult ADHD head. My brain is CONSTANTLY changing channels, mid sentence, mid thought, mid activity. It matters not how interested I am, my brain will flip (usually 5-10 times) and eventually flip back. One constant is this, at any given time my life is playing out like one of the following: a Lifetime movie of the week, a musical, a dramedy, and to a small degree a reality TV show.

So here is the five of this week. Five NEEDS if I’m going to be the lead in a post zombie apocalyptic movie or TV series!


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