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From here to Texas! (and back again!)

on December 17, 2012

I had one of the most amazing, non-family weekends this weekend! (I have to specify non-family because while this ranks probably my most favorite adult weekend it is totally trumped by wife and kid memories.) Anyway several things came together to make this an awesome weekend and if you were in the kitchen of life trying to bake up this casserole of awesome you would need: 2 best friends (the can be new, but flavor is richer if there is 5 or more years of friendship there,) minimum of two states, 350 miles, at least one hotel, one dinner on the road, mani or pedi and, of course, a shower scene! I added a obstacle course zombie run and lots of mud, while nature added fog, rain and the perfect weather.

I've been to Texas before for hurricane evacuations, to travel through - this time it was for pure fun! A girlie road trip and I loved it!!!

I’ve been to Texas before for hurricane evacuations, to travel through – this time it was for pure fun! A girlie road trip and I loved it!!!

This might be my first time talking about Ree here on this blog, so I guess I will give a little background. Ree is one of my oldest and dearest friends, she is a from high school friend. There are many things that make Ree a perfect friend for me but to go through the “more important” ones I should start with she is the steady and reliable yin to my wild and ADHD ways, we have the same likes and interest and she could always hang with the best of my antics BUT she kept it grounded (that’s important because without someone keeping it real I will float my happy arse away!) Our lives progressed pretty much the same at generally the same rate, we both had serious relationships, kids, work and focus – things that often cause people to drift because life changes and if you are settling down with kids and a man while your girlfriends are going all Sex & the City you start to lose some of that commonality that bonds you. More important than that is that when we are in different places neither of us takes it personally. We both understand that we love each other and that we would like to see each other more, if a phone call isn’t returned because homework exploded or if a plan is canceled because kids are sick – well, we get that!

Then there is something that we have that you just don’t have unless you do. We both went through really rough relationships that left us with kids and with over 100 extra pounds. Together we have lost about 250 pounds. We take pretty good care of our bodies, for the most part, and we exercise. In 2011 I talked Ree into running the Crescent City Classic 5k with me. We had never done anything like it and we pushed through arriving on the other side with a passion for races. I think that was when my affair with running turned into a legit relationship. We pushed ourselves and each other and went on to do more. The CCC is now a yearly thing and I look forward to it literally from the moment it is over!

Ree has an app she runs with on her phone, it makes it like zombies are chasing you. Naturally I called her when I found out about the Run For Your Lives, Zombie infested 5k. I never dreamed we would really, truly, for realz-ies do it – though I hoped. We made tentative plans, I was beyond excited. We looked forward to it and kept going on and on.

In the days leading up to the race things were just plain crazy with plans changing and family drama and I swear we both just didn’t even want to bother on some level, but we had plans and we just knew if we could get on the road we could be okay. On Thursday night I dropped my girls off with my parents and drove the two and a half hour drive to Ree’s house. The wife had to work out there and my BF Ree has been kind enough to put her up while she’s out that way so we both wound up sleeping there. (After eating dinner, which was my first break from vegetarian in a while because I has three amazingly delish turkey meatballs that later kicked my tummy in the gut!) Wife scooted out before dawn and the kids were dropped at school by Ree and when she got back we hit the road. Only, we stopped to by last minute things and Ree picked up a running shirt… then we got a large, iced Peppermint Mocha from McD’s – uh, okay, SO GOOD. Thank you!

Things that made me so happy to learn, as Ree and I have never gone a road trip, Ree is just as dedicated to pictures and memories as i am. That can get sticky with the wife who believes in sticking to plans and schedules. Sure, I get my picture but I also remember how aggravated she was the whole time I made her pull over (she is much better now!) So we set about pictures and gossip. SO much fun! When we first got on the road this was our plan: coffee, lunch, coffee, arrive, check in, find run site, pick up a few things, dinner, shower, hang out! When we went looking for the run location and found this:

How amazingly cool? We had a road sign!!! For a second it was like, well that was a waste – but we were both really happy about having an idea of where we were going. We asked around to figure out dinner and the response was less than stellar. We settled on the only local place still open, it was beyond good! So good. Went back to the room to do our nails and hang out. Ree and I watched Duck Dynasty and she fell in love with my Jase and Jeb (she can have Jeb.)

The trip there:

The full details will be up later this week (hopefully tomorrow!)

The full details of the race will be up later this week (hopefully tomorrow!)

On the ride home we ducked back at the Best Western and took a quick shower, then re-upped the coffee and hit it. We were making great time and on a roll when suddenly stand still traffic hit. Blah! After an hour and a half going no where we stopped at Cracker Barrel and grab some food, a few miles later we stopped and picked up a Texas Lotto ticket – I won 57 dollars – thank God! I was only TWO numbers from 10 million! That is coming!!! The ride home:

Finally home and ready to chill, I un-rolled my sweet little sock bun and had the cutest pony ever! Too bad my wife was FAST asleep by the time I got home...

Finally home and ready to chill, I unrolled my sweet little sock bun and had the cutest pony ever! Too bad my wife was FAST asleep by the time I got home…



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