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Shake it!

It’s been a quick minutes since we sat down and chatted about health stuff – I mean non-spiritually speaking. I was flicking through my pictures and I came across this beauty!

It’s a hard core fav of mine and it employs a very basic all around health rule – SHAKE IT! Now, I got my fried eggplant on without a drop of oil. That is because I used the tried and true Shake n’ Bake! That’s right, a quick egg white bath and a light toss in the Bake and then into the NuWave for 12 minutes – out pops amazing faux-fried eggplant or, well, anything really! I’ve done green tomatoes, fish, onion rings and plan on doing okra!

But, see, shaking isn’t only healthy in cooking. It’s good for your body! Get up – shake it! Just look at all the dance based classes, I myself am a freak for Zumba! Love it! Be it Zumba or Jazzercise or any like that, it’s dance. Dancing is good for your body, mind and soul. It’s fun and free. I dance all over now, grocery store, kitchen. OMG in my kitchen I drop it like it’s hot, pick it up like it’s cool and then, bam, drop it like it’s hot again! I’d drop it low and keep it there, except I am white and lack both the rhythm and the endurance – I am working on both constantly! I have built myself a booty and I plan on always dancing myself breathless!


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