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Daily Prompt: High Noon

on December 27, 2012

»Daily Prompt: High Noon by michelle w. on December 25, 2012 At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

via Daily Prompt: High Noon.

This is the Daily Prompt that went out on Christmas day, I guess I am just not ready to be done with the Christmas yet!!! It was a crazy morning of presents and a visit with Mimi. It’s all great fun, but one must remember that while the family is on “relax” mode they still need to eat and that means mom still cooks, while the wife has a day off she still needs rest and the house still needs tending. I had a lot on my plate, for which I honestly thank God for I am blessed, however I was not really present. All I could think of was getting back to my research and reading more of the Bible. I had thought several times about how much I would talk about that here, going back and forth between “That’s not what people want to read.” and “This is my blog about my life and this is my life.” Finally a break in the bustle of the morning came, the wife in the bedroom straightening up and the kids settled into art projects – I sat down, pulled up the Bible chart I had been reviewing and pulled out all the Bibles I have. I was comparing the wording in some of my favorite Scriptures trying to decide which Bible I wanted to read and which I wanted to take to church. Right at that moment my phone indicated a new text an it was this daily prompt text, I glanced at the time – 11:59/12:00 as I glanced!!! I snapped a picture of my lap, that’s how I take note of things, and I thought, “Well, I am going to blog it after all!”

I have settled on reading the CEV Bible, it’s really basic and simple and generally made for public “unchurched” people, easy on the brain. I read it with a notebook and my ESV Bible on hand and when I am struck by a verse I look it up to get the full wording, not just the simplified. So far I really like this technique, though I find I want to highlight almost everything I read… It is so strange to revisit the Bible I grew up with using the mind and eye of an adult. It’s really a beautiful thing.


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