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So full of love!

on January 2, 2013

Daily Prompt: Stroke of Midnight.

Land-O-Pines 2013, Covington LA

At the stroke of midnight, as 2013 arrived I was sitting in a toasty little Airstream camper in Covington at Land-O-Pines. My wife, my children and I opened our Jesus Calling devotional books at 12:01 a.m. and read the January 1st entry. It was exactly how I wanted to start 2013 and it was no accident.

B-47 28' Airstream - probably from the 60's - lol - so Wonderfalls!!!

B-47 28′ Airstream – probably from the 60’s – lol – so Wonderfalls!!!

In 2006 we decided to take the kids camping for the new year. We wanted to get away from the world and concentrate on only family, start a tradition that would keep the family strong and connected. To begin and end every year as a unit, just us. Special. We have camped every new year since. 2006-2007 was a horrible experience, by 2007-2008 we were on track and had switched campgrounds. For the most part we go to Mississippi, though over the years we have tried another campground – we always get the same cabin and say for a few nights. Sometimes it’s before the 1st and others it’s a few days after. It all depends on when we can get a house sitter, due to all the animals it’s important to not just have someone check in but stay here! This year was our first time camping with the dog and our normal place doesn’t take pets so we went back to that very first campground. Strange to revisit, but good to rewrite history.

We had a beautiful time. The girls were a complete joy, it almost hurts I love them so! My wife and I worked together to pack and unpack and clean and exist – like clockwork. This whole trip was so wonderful and I was (and am) so happy. I sent out my Happy New Year text early and turned my phone off, read my Bible while my wife napped and the kids sculpted. Then we had a Monster High countdown party while we woke up Wife and, as mentioned earlier, turned everything off and read our devotional book. I had told my wife that I wanted to start my year with Jesus, and so we planned it. It was awesome. 2013 really is already different because this year we started the year with our family complete, with God. The kids and my wife seem so peaceful and so happy, complete, full, excited. I feel all of those things a thousand fold. This year started so lovely and I can feel it in my bones that it’s only going to get better and better. I feel it so powerfully that I constantly feel as though I may burst into tears!!!

I started this year EXACTLY how I wanted it, though I could NEVER have dreamt it so perfect. I started this year the way I would love to start every year, only I know that each year will start better and better. I couldn’t plan how wonderfully this or any of the next year will start or end. I guess, also, I started this year in awe over how blessed I am, and how blind I have been. So full of love I feel I may burst.


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