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Can I get a home school hallelujah?!

on January 7, 2013

Dear, dear blogging bunnies. Yours truly (and by that I mean me) has been having her behind handed to her by the home schooling world of can-I-do-anything-right?!!! Just as in everything in life you just have to keep on. This school year started warm and ripe and I was ready with plans and direction. BIG PLANS for BIG THINGS. We had a week of great routine. If you are getting to know me let me clue you in, routine is NOT my strong suite. We were on track. All was in place. I know you are on the edge of your seat thinking, “And then what happened?” Though the answer is less than amazing – life. Life happened. Hurricane Issac took us out for a week, a week in which the rest of the school continued on because they were not without power and Internet. We came back from Issac stressed and sick, all three of us (thank God the wife was well.) The kids and I missed another two full days with doctor visits and sleep. We were behind. Our beautiful routine was dead and gone. We faltered, but stuck in there.

There was a curriculum change for Mavis, darling! A family friend came in town for two weeks. Now these two weeks had been approved by Lou ♥’s teacher as being less lesson oriented and more out and about learning as they were fraught with learning opportunities. We went to the zoo, the Insectatarium, the aquarium, the city, Global Wildlife… we also attended lessons and worked our classes. We came out behind still. When the plan to have our friend come was formed we had set up our learning schedule so that we would have made extra progress, however after a plane ticket and a world of plans were made the hurricane rearranged our progress!!!

This year was not supposed to be so scary, I had a grip. I lost it. We’ve been playing catch up since and I have to try VERY hard not to let that cause me to push the young babes too hard or allow my stress to become their stress. By the grace of God, I think I have done an okay job of it. Though I did lock myself in the bathroom on a rare afternoon of “I just simply can not do this!” My amazing wife came knocking softly and then talked me through a very rough patch.

Christmas break came and I had thought we would work through the whole thing, but I could see the kids needed a break. We made a deal, take the whole week of Christmas and the half of New Year’s week off and then come back strong last Wednesday. Wednesday, however, we were still recovering from our camping trip and from staying up all night for the countdown. I made a judgment call and we started on Thursday. The whole week I could have been stressed about how behind we were, Lou ♥ has been struggling with science and math. I could have been stressed over how on earth we would get through it. I wasn’t – I know, given my gift of stressing out, it’s shocking even to me!

We came to the classroom Thursday and started with Jesus Calling and a Bible story. I guess it could have been seen as more wasted time, but it was important and I just rolled with it. When Lou ♥ got into math it was like a light had been flipped on, she just flew through it! We were on a connection high! Like Suddenly I had the right words and she had the understanding! Not only did we overcome our hurdles, we had fun. All the while I had my Mavis, darling! writing her first book report – which she worked so hard on. The next unit of Math was so simple and easy to teach I was blown away! Who knew? All I had to do was keep moving forward. I had almost convinced myself that we were heading into a rushing river neither of us could swim. Only here we were doing great! We are now caught up in math, history, and language. Today we are moving into science, that would have been an issue as it is our other sticky subject. NOT NOW, I have a plan. I printed a whole lot of info and we are making a master study guide, something Lou ♥ is super stoked about.

I can’t believe that when classes resume in 2013 we will be 100% caught up, and that by the end of January we will be AHEAD!!! I have to say that home schooling has been more challenging than losing 120 pounds, and – I never thought anything would be, but suddenly many things are – it’s infinitely more rewarding!


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