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It’s a girl! (Update.)

on January 7, 2013

This beautiful girl was found on Saturday and her owners put up signs later on Sunday. She is now home – sadly! lol

Seriously? Have we met? How is it that I do this, accumulate the furry friends?

No, this is not my dog. This is a beautiful Pit Bull puppy that I rescued from the street. Literally. She was running with a large, possibly friendly however dog aggressive, when I first saw her. Later she was in the street alone and a car was being held up because she was under it. I pulled her out and brought her into the yard. Looked up parvo and other doggy illness to make sure my baby was covered after his shots and to make sure my cats shouldn’t catch anything from her. Introduced the dogs, they had a ball, and then set about my day. My plan for now is to just give her a warm place, off the street. Food and attention. She is sitting well, staying fair and wonderful in a kennel. If signs go up, great. If not I am going to place an ad in the paper that says, “Puppy found, email with photo or description to claim.” I don’t want to mention that I have a Pit, the people may claim her to sell her, breed her or fight her and she is too sweet for that!

What I know is that I love her and I have said forever that when the time was right I would have a Pit Bull named Brandon. Thing is – the time is not right. We do not have the space or the money for this amazing puppy. So for now I will just consider myself extraordinarily blessed to be able to give her safety and love and to play the part I was meant to play in her life.

OMG!!! A friend just reminded me of something I posted on instagram weeks ago!

I posted this 5 weeks ago with the comment, "One day I will have a beautiful amazing beast named Brandon. He'll keep the whole world safe." #iwish #dogdreaming

I posted this 5 weeks ago with the comment, “One day I will have a beautiful amazing beast named Brandon. He’ll keep the whole world safe.” #iwish #dogdreaming

On that same post my friend Evan, who just left my house and as she was leaving she said, “She looks like she’s made of peanut butter and white chocolate.” commented – and I quote, “Dog that dog is made of white chocolate and peanutbutter”


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