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Who is this?

on January 10, 2013

See down there where she tagged me next to that black and white selfie?

You may, or may not, know that I am an avid Instagramer (should that be with two m’s?) Idk, but I know I use the heck out of my instagram app. So the other day when my BF Evan tagged me in a comment I peeked to read what she said and naturally, or I think it’s natural, or it’s naturally for me – my eyes did a quick scan of what picture she was commenting on first. When I saw the picture I forgot to read the comment because I was confused. I hadn’t posted a black and white in a long time! So I immediately tapped the teeny me to see how far back my friend had had to go to find that picture.

This is the picture - notice anything?

This is the picture – notice anything?

That’s not me. Nope. My immediate reaction was, “Whoa.” Because honestly, she looks like she could be my sister. Seriously. My sister and I have always confused people. They swore we looked alike. I never saw it. She’s dark complected and thin THIN. I was alway the fat one, not to mention pale! This girl looks more like me than my sister in some ways. Wild! My next thought was, again, I am the fat one. How could anyone make that connection? Clearly I am way too big to look like this girl in any way, only –

I do look like her, enough that in teeny form even I was mistaken!!!


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