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on January 16, 2013

Science has been getting to my dear Lou ♥, see she is still in the Internet based school so she doesn’t have a Science text book. To go through and study she has to rely on her notes or pull up link after link and page after page – not just read a chapter and flip the paper pages to find answers. Instead of boldface words indicating the definition of an important word coming she has to be she to notice a small link somewhere that brings up a pop up. This has resulted in the child writing EVERYTHING down and then how can you tell what is important? It’s fine in math because math is this child’s first language. It is not working in Science. So the other day I said, “We need to get you some text books. You need something to put your hands on.” I had no idea where to even start looking, but I said, “That’s what we are going to do, you are getting text books.”

That evening, not the next day or next week, THAT EVENING a mom from dance came up to me and said, “Hey, we’re moving and I was going to sell off a box of text books. Would you like them, for like 30 dollars?” I didn’t think twice, I blinked and answered, “Yeah, I just said we need text books.” After I was a little worried that we were in no-spend January, but my wife was like uh, no girl that is a necessity it’s her education. So I gave thanks to God that I had an extra 30 dollars and I paid her the money the next day.

Well, later as I flip through the books I have to say this, God is good! Ask, you shall receive. Believe and live and all you could ever need plus more will come. The science text, which happens to be the only book she had the teacher copy and student copy of, is EXACTLY what we are learning this year. It will go step by step, hand in hand with her science this year!!! The student book if new would be 50 dollars, the teacher copy, 78!!! All together we got some amazing books, some that will be used as enrichment through the summer and others that build on her lessons now and others for the future. We have OVER 500 dollars worth of text books, by the amazing grace of God we got them for 30 dollars. I just could not believe how blessed we were with this!


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