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It’s not the size that matters so much.

on January 17, 2013

It’s the perception of size. (Can I stop here and tell you haw hard it was for me to not dirty that up with some crude elementary joke? It was, and probably in vain because you know you dirty little minds went there anyway.) Okay, I know that the size of your plate or bowl can trick your mind. We all know that in some sense I think. You can have a scoop of ice cream in a small dish and it’s a serving, throw that lone scoop in a bowl and it looks so, so, lone – as in lonely – as in GIVE ME MORE, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, and finally, WHO ONLY EATS A SCOOP OF ICE CREAM? Still, to have it so blatantly in front of me I wanted to share it! The other day I was making a mini-Thanksgiving type dinner. Chicken (for the meat eaters) and stuffing and green beans and, because it isn’t a fancy meal if it is missing cranberry sauce, that smooth jelly like cranberry sauce (careful, don’t wreck the can lines in the side, that is the best part!) I plated it up and snapped pics of it, that’s what I do! I instagram and blog my food, which btw you are going to get more of because it helps me really think of my choices. 🙂 Well, when I was looking at the pictures I was kind of shocked at how the size of a plate can make something look like SO little, or so much MORE. Have a gander:

Now remember that it’s the same amount of stuffing and green beans – I weigh everything around here and those weights are within 3-5 grams of each other!!! How crazy different does that look. I showed it to my wife and was like, “Did you realize that was the same amount of stuffing and beans?” She thought I had just served myself more to make up for the missing chicken!


One response to “It’s not the size that matters so much.

  1. Dianne Mulock (Nova Scotia Cook) says:

    WOW….just glanced at the two plates of food before reading your comments about plate size and my first thoughts were….Jez, Sonya went a bit overboard with the stuffing…she must really like it!! Amazing what a difference the size of your plate makes, eh?

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