Goals ~ Raising my standards.

How to no spend January!!!

“Taking a month of from “normal” spending habits helped redefine my relationship with money!”

How I did it: In the end it was all about knowing ahead of time what would and would not be allowed. I set up a plan of attack, gum and mints (which are not NEEDED, but all used by people in my house) got put on the grocery list, as did beer for the weekend. I didn’t shut everything out, but it had to be on a list and approved.

Lessons & tips:

  • January is a great time to do this, not only did I  and my pocket book need recovery from the spending of the holidays, but I also did not need to be out eating at restaurants after the constant flow of sweets and treats.
  • Gift cards I received for Christmas allowed me to purchase things like coffee and Subway, but knowing it was extremely limited made me really evaluate when I reached for a quick caffeine fix!
  • I talked to the kids and wife about no-spend January from the start of December so there was no asking for things in the store or picking things up just for fun. This allowed me to keep the family to this goal without constantly being the bad guy saying, “No!”

It took me 31 days.

It made me Proud.


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