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A day in the park.

on February 4, 2013

One of the beautiful things about home schooling is that you can bend and roll your schedule to suit the children, your partner, illness and beautiful weather! Now, when I say beautiful I am not talking just about sun and heat, but the lovely frost covered crisp days and the gray rainy days of rolling thunder and wind. There have been days when we woke and found it so gray and gusty that we decided to start late and all just sit cuddled on the couch, last Friday was different.

Last Friday we took the kids to get frozen yogurt at our favorite spot and it was so lovely that as we walked back to the car Lou ♥ asked, “Can we go to the park?” I looked at the wife and she gave the nod. So as a family we took ourselves to the park, without toys or plans. The girls played hide and seek, the wife pushed me on the swing. Let me say this about that: swinging is fun, do it and you feel like a kids – but, have someone else push you and it is so joyous, like a memory so far back that it moves your whole being as it comes to the surface!


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