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Cherry bomb!

on February 4, 2013

Fresh cherry bomb! Yay!!! Just re-upped my red hair. I hate the process of dying my hair, but love fresh color!

I have gotten a lot of questions on my hair over the last month or so. I figured I would post this and then send people the link when they ask! lol First, if you asked about my hair color over in late January then I am sorry to say – I have no idea how to get that color. It was a result of not dying my hair and major fading! However, if you asked about my hair in early December or over the last few days (and a few have) then this will help you!

To answer the most asked questions:

  1. No. I do NOT bleach my hair. I do use a creme developer (30) over my entire length each time.
  2. The brand and shade is Loreal Excellence Creme HiColor Intense Red – thing is it isn’t this color right away, it gets redder and redder as you continue to dye it. Each time I do it it is more brilliant and last longer (unless I mess with it with product or a lot of sun.)
  3. I wash my hair with Wen, and after I rinse the dye I soak my hair and scalp with Wen and leave it on for the rest of the night. My hair is soft and seems healthy (considering I have not cut it in over a year and it is damaged I am not going to claim the Wen fully restores it, but it is a huge help)
  4. I leave the dye on for a full 30 minutes after I am done applying it.
  5. To keep it up I have mixed a bit of red Punky Color into a small amount of Wen and use it weekly or as needed for fading. I put it on and leave it over night!

Things probably worth mentioning: I am NOT a hairdresser or cosmetologist, everything I learned is from dying my own hair every unnatural color under the sun (except green) over the last 19 years. I have burned my hair off with bleach (the end result was an unfortunate mullet.) I have gotten the wrong color and spent years dying over or stripping out color. I have made a mess and I have lived with it because all of this is very permanent!


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