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My wife hates that – BOOM! I didn’t do it until I knew it got under her skin, now I drop it and laugh as she flinches! BOOM!

Anylet’sgetbackontopicway, work outs. About a year ago I walked away from one of the biggest loves of my life, Zumba. I left because the girl I loved was no longer coming to my area and I just didn’t care to go to the other classes. I told myself I would make a plan to go out to her classes once a week. Never happened. I started running more regularly and got a bit lost in it. I lost my fire, the passion to continue. I never wanted to stop, but I sure didn’t care much. I think six months in I realized that I missed Zumba more than I was letting myself admit, but my wife had bought me an elliptical and my friend was running with me…

Marta, my elliptical, and I were not getting along. She was tweaking my knee and I just stopped using her. It was run or nothing and while I was sticking to my three times a week minimum I was choosing nothing more than not. This is not good, me soul missed movement and the joy that came with it. So, I made the decision to go back to Zumba – I just wasn’t sure where I was going to get the money and then… I had picked up a lottery ticket in Texas during the road trip me and my girl, Ree, took in December and won 57 dollars. It had to be cashed in Texas so I mailed it in, it just came back! Woop! Woop! That, my darling readers, is what I call perfect-o timing and that is how I went to Zumba!

Only, I didn’t want to just leave this burst of new-found passion to chance, to leave it to sizzle out alone. No, I wanted to coddle it and encourage it to grow so I went onto the ever expanding Interweb and I found a C-UTE calendar and printed it up. I then sat down with me (she is so hard to get to sit still) and we had a little convo and came up with the ultimate workout challenge – I am working out everyday this month. Nothing cray-cray, just something and ZUMBA twice a week! BOOM! 😉

Now, I have a clear map to having the best February ever! Thank God, I am so inspired and happy and it is only just starting!!!


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