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Friday 5 ~ The Days of Our Lives

on February 8, 2013

La-tee-da-tee-da! This week in brainless and spacey land was the epic return of one of my most fav couples on my most fav sud – The days of Our Lives. (Look, this is my trash, I admit! The kids get to go to lunch at 1 p.m. and then recess because I love this garbage! Hate me if you need to.) Anyway, while I do not like Sami as a “person” I do love her with EJ and I think that Rafe is way too good for her, besides I need Rafe single further down in this post! Well, while I was all ecstatic that thissammy and ej happened (and like, instantly she went off to fight with Rafe, grrr – let me bask in it for cripe’s sake!) it made me start thinking about what would happen if I was a writer for this amazing show! Obvi I would stick to the formula of certain couples being unbreakable. I can promise you this about that, however, it will not be Bo and Hope! So, without further delay, my Friday 5 this week: The couples I want to see happen on Days of Our Lives!

  1. Nicole and Rafe –Rafe-and-Nicole-days-of-our-lives-15037262-592-395 I was so into Carrie and Rafe, only Carrie is so full of herself. Rafe is a hero, he deserves to be happy and he is only going to be happy if he is rescuing someone. Enter Nicole. Nicole has all the same lying, manipulating, getting in her own way that Sami has – she needs someone to save her from herself. However, unlike Sami, Nicole has grown and changed and shows that she could be a good person with some guidance and with the right guy. I want her and Rafe to be the new “it” couple, the tried and true love birds. I want Nicole to finally have that perfect pregnancy she has been wanting and I want it to be twins with Rafe!
  2. Chloe and Daniel –images I was watching this show when Chloe was first introduced and I loved her. She is just awesome. Clearly while I was gone a lot has gone on, but I still love her and I want her with Daniel. I think that she and Daniel would be the perfect yin and yang – Jennifer is too disgustingly “perfect” and I want her to just go away. Also, I am kind of waiting for Jack to pop back up! That would serve her. Anywho, I like Daniel and I think he’d be great at playing dad and Chloe’s man. I also think that this could turn Chloe into a good girl with her friend Nicole and then Jennifer could  become the bad one! That’s a curve ball I could enjoy taking six years to unfold!
  3. Stefano and Nancy –nancy and stephano I had to make to make this picture and while looking for pictures I found out that NANCY IS COMING BACK! Seriously, I almost can’t. Anyway, I don’t know what happened with her as she left last time – I wasn’t watching. I do know that while I was watching chica was wicked and I think she’d be a jolly time as Stefano’s wife. I also think that she and he would be a realistic and fun couple. If he can’t find it in his heart to forgive Kate then I would like to see him move on, get over Marlena once and for all and fall hopelessly in love with Nancy!!!
  4. Abby and Cameron –cameron and abby If Austin Peck was still playing Austin I would be demanding he come back and pick up where he never started with Abigail. Seeing that he isn’t I don’t really care and I would love to see some new generation dramz that included Abby and Cameron as the next generation Carrie and Austin. I also LOVE this new Cameron, he is F-ine! I love him so much that I made this picture because all the loved up ones are of Abs and the old Cameron (who was a cutie, but not this hottie. This guy is like a Jr. Morgan from Criminal Minds!)
  5. Hope and John –John-and-Gina-Hope-days-of-our-lives-69634_477_358 Finally, and perhaps the most unlikely. JOHN – as himself, the Kristen ex, Marlena loving John – and HOPE – as herself, the detective woman hope. I would love to see John realize that his love for Hope transends his brain washed Gina pawn self and is real. I would love for him to be the one she cries to as she gets over the fact that Bo left. I would love for Sierra to have a wee little sibling and it be a John and Hope – IN YOUR FACE MARLENA baby of love!!!


[Also, can you tell how inspired this Friday 5 is this week? I mean, really?! I could also go on forever I think on story lines and what angers me to no end, AH – that just might next week’s Friday 5!!!]


2 responses to “Friday 5 ~ The Days of Our Lives

  1. Cory says:

    I love that you post a lot I usually take. Few minutes during my work day and glance down and scan through your blog posts I love it !! Thanks girl!

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