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Cross {stitch} my heart!

on February 11, 2013

Let it never be said that I am not crafty, because I am a crafting whore! (Um, I’m not sure if I consider that a bad word. I mean, I know I don’t, but would I want my kids saying it? Blah, no! Fine, sorry. I’m a crafting wench!) *serious eye-roll* Onward! So it recently came to my attention that I might have been in deep craft lust with cross-stitching or counted cross-stitch. What, exactly, is craft lust? (You might have asked, had I not followed that statement up with this handy definition.)

Craft lust is when you are head over heals invested in the loving relationship between you and your latest favorite craft, often buying all the needed odds and ends before actually getting your wee hands on said craft. Then, after all the planning of epic projects you are sure to complete you dig in and realize that you are actually not in love (or even like) and that you are neither deftly skilled with natural [knitting, wood burning, paper folding] talent nor or you even interested. You were merely in craft lust, not love. (Go ahead, hang your head in guilty shame, we have all been there.)

(I made that page, see how skilled I am at the interweb?!) (UPDATE: Some idiot decided that my definition wasn’t good enough and removed my page. That’s mean.)

So, if you are my “friend” on the Book of Faces then you already know I have been cross-stitching as of late. I am here to announce that this affair that I have been having with cross-stitching is not craft lust. It’s the real deal, my little blogg-a-lous, it’s craft l♥ve! So much so that I am happy to announce that I am sure over knitting – as in, getting rid of it all! That has led to other new found energies I plan to use to clean out my art supplies and to really get to a place of being able to do and make and use – not be intimidated by the fact that it’s all an overwhelming mess! I feel so excited!!! So, also – wait!

Dear wife, if you are reading this before Valentine’s Day STOP NOW, there are SPOILERS ahead!

Okay, this is a link to my pinterest where I have pinned a pattern I am going to be using for my wife’s v-day present! It’s going to be so dang ridiculously cool I might faint from it!


2 responses to “Cross {stitch} my heart!

  1. I love the little rainbow, it is adorable!

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