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Daily Prompt: All About Me

on February 13, 2013

Daily Prompt: All About Me.

This time around I was a whole complete woman. Not a confused semi-lesbian. Not a broken fat girl with an eating issue. Not an ADHD adult with a broken heart. No, this time around I was me – the ever evolving artist, writer, mother, wife and woman. This time my blog would be my world, my whole world. I would not block out everything to focus on one aspect as I had in the past.

In the past I would create this entire blog-a-rific world around the primary issue – my sexuality, my weight war, home schooling… Thing was I never felt like I was being honest. I wasn’t lying when I put my weight out there for the world, but I was using a nick name and I was hiding myself.

So I sat down to think of me, who I am and who I will be as I continue to grow and discover more and more about myself. Trigger-happy, yeah that’s me. I’m quick witted and short fused, I am passionate and I react violently and instantly. I have no filter and I struggle with that often. Housewife, well clearly. I am married and that has changed me to my core. I love everything about being a housewife – I love cooking and cleaning (though I am not so great at the latter.) I adore my children and my animals, and our world here.

It all just made sense and once I started with this new blog it clicked. It’s right. It’s a place that is me, all of me and it is a place with lots of room and flexibility to grow with me.


One response to “Daily Prompt: All About Me

  1. love your honesty and your blog name 🙂

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